Friday, July 8, 2022

So - I Have This New Toy...

 ...but about all I can do with it right now is use it as a paperweight. That's because I have no ammo for it. It is a Charter Arms Bulldog in 44 S&W Special (aka: 44 Special). No one has it locally, at least not the stores I have tried. So, I ordered some online from a place called Saint Barb's Bullets. That was on July 3rd, now it is the 8th and their site tells me my order is still "Processing". If it has not been sent out by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, I will give them a call. Just sent them an inquiry via their internal message system. When I placed my order, they supposedly had over 400 boxes of PMC 44 Special JHP in stock, so I have to wonder - what the frick is the delay! 
Yeah, I know, this past Monday was a holiday but three days plus part of today ought to be more than enough for an efficient ammo supplier to get their product into the system and on its way to the buyer. Maybe, being that I am The Great Procrastinator, I should be more patient but I really want to shoot this thing ASAP if for no other reason to make sure it is not too good to be true. It looks so nice and seems to lock up nice and tightly but the action seems oh so smooth and the single action trigger pull is probably 2 pounds or less and my guess is less. Thus, I suspect someone may have ground down the mainspring (hammer spring). I hope not but if so it is easy enough to replace. 

About the only external sign of use is a light cylinder ring.

Of course, maybe I just got really lucky and I found myself a really nice and fully operational Bulldog from the original Charter Arms. One can hope but I'd like to do more than hope and take it to the range for a shoot.

All the best,
Glenn B