Sunday, April 23, 2023

Placed A Few Bids At An Online Gun Auction Yesterday

These are the items on which I placed the high bids:

Glock Model 41 GEN 4 - 45 AUTO




Ruger New Model Single-Six Convertible Stainless




If the Ruger is as nice looking close up in my hands as it looks in the pics, I may have to sell my blued version of the same model.

Savage/Stevens Model 94C Hammered - 12 Gauge


This one may or may not become a project gun. I may reblue it, do new case color, refinish the wood. Not sure about that yet though.

Other Items:

As if those did not cost enough, I also had the high bids on another 18 lots of gun related and non-gun related lots such as:

Four boxes of Hornady .376 Steyr 270-grain SP-RP Interlock ammo, a spam can of 7.62x39mm ammo, several mags, several gun books, a Bianchi holster, a Lansky sharpening kit with three knives including a Camillus military folder, a Speer bullet board (always wanted one but damn they go for lots of money), several other knives, an axe, a cleaver, Fredrick Remington's 'Buckskins - Portraits of the Old West' consisting of eight portraits in a folder, a Victorian reverse painting on glass of a winter scene in gold frame - frame size: approx. 25" x 29" . I've been watching too much of Antiques Road show (actually my son had me bid on that one but I would have bid on it if he did not - a man has to dream of striking it rich on a find like this one - who knows).

I saved what may be the best (other than the guns and maybe even better than them) for last and if it was actually taken from the ship it is golden even though it looks to be made of brass.

I did a Google search of the ship and found it was named after Lt. John Trippe from the early 1800s. His story is a very interesting one, there is an article about him at Wikipedia; the shame of it all is the ironic way he died after having been a valiant warrior & leader in several battles and being wounded in at least one of them while serving in the U.S. Navy. His heroics evidently impressed the U.S. Navy so much that so far - four ships have been named after him!

This is the one relative to the plaque:


It was an expensive day for me and my son yesterday as I placed bids on many of the items for him. We dropped well over a grand each with the old man outspending the young one by a couple or few hundred. It's an addiction I can live with and enjoy.
All the best,
Glenn B