Sunday, August 17, 2008

What A Meal - A Thousand Crickets

Well that is what I bought today for the baby Bearded Dragons; but for me and the family (at least for Brendan and I because we were the only ones who ate supper) it was grilled steak.

I sprinkled the steaks with a good dusting of garlic powder, and a dash or two of salt, then grilled them to just about perfection, then smothered them in Peter Lugar's special sauce and some BBQ sauce too, then grilled a few more minutes on each side until they were perfect. Before throwing them on the plates, I also took some Italian Bread, toasted on the grill. Once the steak was ready, I took the bread, threw it on the plate next to the steak, and smothered it with my own concoction of a couple of teaspoons of vinegar (both Cider and White), a tablespoon of olive oil, about 1/34 tsp of garlic powder, salt to taste, a few leave of fresh and finely minced basil, diced yellow, red plum, and cherry tomatoes, some onion flakes, a diced sweet banana pepper, along with half of a diced jalapeno pepper - and man was that delicious. The peppers, tomatoes and basil were all from our garden. Of course we also had sides of my wife's homemade macaroni, and three bean salads. Truly an enjoyable repast, maybe especially since I washed it all down with a lemonade spiked with a couple of ounces of vodka. Followed that all up with a few chunks of cantaloupe. Man it was ever so good; and I am truly satiated.

The meal was made even better because it was absolutely beautiful outside today; it was probably about 80 or so when we sat down to eat, and there was a slight breeze to keep it extra nice for us under our Dogwood and Mulberry trees, and under absolutely clear blue skies. While the ladies did not eat, they just got back from a shopping trip and had eaten out,Celina treated Linda; their company at the supper table was well appreciated. It was nice to have all four of us together for a meal for a change.

Now that I am well stuffed and happy, hopefully I will not fall asleep before I figure out something else to blog about for this evening. But if I do nod off, I promise to dream about something to blog about tomorrow.

All the best,
Glenn B