Friday, February 15, 2008

Hello Up There In The Cold North Country!

I don't know who you are, or how many you are - but I have an idea of where you are. I am pretty darned certain that you are the person(s) furthest north on the plantet who read(s) my blog. So I just wanted to say hello, welcome and thanks to whoever is (are) the visitor(s) up there in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada who keep(s) coming back to read my blog. I am humbled by your recurrent visits, and by the fact that you must like something about this site. Thanks a million.

All the best,
Glenn B

Just How Many Jews Are There In The World?

If we could figure that out, and locate all of them, then we could round em all up and annihilate them. Wouldn't that be an answer to all of our other problems? Sure it most certainly would have to be would it not? I mean, just look at this: Hezbollah Threat Echoes in Argentina. It is obvious that Jews wherever they are are problem makers and are hated by Islamo Fascists, heck they are probably hated by all Fascists, and all tyrants - just remember Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, the KKK, Louis Farrakhan and others, and look today to guys like Chavez. Don’t you get it, if all of those folks hate the Jews, well there just has got to be a reason for it; and since they hate the Jews, they must also hate those who support the Jews and the Jewish state of Israel. So world leaders like George W. Bush, John Howard, Gordon Brown, and decent ordinary English, Australian, and American citizens (and those of all other nationalities who support the Jews), and moral non-religious people, and Christians, and Hindus, and Buddhists (all faiths who tolerate the jews) and all others who support Jews must all be treated the same as are the Jews - right? They should be hated just like the Jews are hated, after all - isn't it they who support the Jews and help keep them alive and thriving in this world of ours? So how should we deal with the problem? Let's join the islamo Fascists and kill em all! I mean, if we cannot beat em (and obviously many of our leaders like Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Harry Reid; and their supporters like George Soros believe we cannot beat the Islamo Fascists) we may as well join em - right? Sure, why not all just go out and kill some Jews until we wipe em all out - except maybe of course for those turncoat Jews who support a form of government akin to Fascism, Islamo Fascism, Communism, Socialism or just plain old tyranny. In other words let’s spare only those Jews who have abandoned their own kind and who support government takeover of our rights. You know the type, like some of those jerk offs enlightened souls in Hollywood. Yeah, that would solve the problem, wouldn't it. Then we can wipe out some other people too.

Of course that would not solve anything! Once we acquiesce to the enemies of the Jews, we become their enemies ourselves, and we become our own worst enemies. Helping to kill off the Jews, or just ignoring the fact that the Islamo Fascists are trying to do so, leaves us just as evil as Islamo Fascists, maybe even worse for at least we once had the morality to stand with the world’s Jewish Community. We must not abandon them, as they have not abandoned us; but instead we must fight beside them until our common enemy has been resoundingly defeated. As the Jews would be without us, so too would we be without them, all the more weak kneed and pansy assed, and ready to be killed off by our enemies. We must not forget this regarding the Jews of the world, nor of the Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and so on. Every other major faith on the face of this planet believes in the sanctity of human life. There is only one group of so called religious people who offer up their children as martyrs in a cause to wipe other people, of other religious belief systems, off of the face of the earth – the Islamo Fascists. I have to also wonder about the rest of Islam as they hide in the shadows and do not call for the destruction of the Islamo Fascists; this seems rather as if they choose to go along with the fascists by ignoring their terrible deeds.

Heck, I am an agnostic for sure, maybe even an atheist (not sure of that quite yet) but I do see the need to stand by those of faith and morality (yes you can be moral and not religious) in this world, that is of any other major faith or moral group than that of Islam (until those so called moderate islamist actually stand up and fight the islamo fascists). Why? Well, simply because the Islamo Fascists are not going to stop with the Jewish State of Israel, they are not going to stop with the Jews in Arabic lands, they will not stop with the Jews in the third world, and they will not stop even if they have killed off all of the Jews on the face of the earth - and apparently the rest of Islam will do little or nothing to stop them. So, after they rid the world of the Jews, it will be Buddhists, or Hindus, or Christians or moral atheists and agnostics next to be totally eliminated, and then finally the other islamist with whom they do not agree. The truth is the enemy of the Jew is the enemy of us all, and as some really smart guy once said: The enemy of my enemy is my friend!. So, in that light, I support Israel, and the worldwide Jewish community, and I support those of major faiths other than Islam, and those of non-religious moral groups who respect others and who vehemently oppose Islamo Fascism, and tyrants like Chavez, Castro, bin Laden.

Hmm, now I feel better, and guess what - no more writer's block!

Glenn B