Tuesday, August 31, 2021

It May Be Time To Vacate The Planet...

 ...when and if a Chicago security guard, who allegedly shot a man three times over a dispute about him not wearing a "Covid mask", is found not guilty based upon his defense lawyer's claim he shot the man in self defense (once while the victim was standing and two times after he fled and had already fallen to the ground) because he was not wearing a mask and posed a threat to others! 
As I seem to recall, you shoot to stop and the guy was stopped as he had fallen to the ground after the first shot. Also, except under very limited circumstances, a threat of death or serious bodily injury must be imminent for someone to shoot another person in self defense; I don't see how imminence was present. One more thing, the guard is allegedly a four (4) time convicted felon, twice convicted of sexual crimes against children, who was forbidden by law from carrying firearms. More at the source.
Honestly folks, if this guy's defense is successful based on that claim, well it really may be time to leave the planet. Hopefully the guy he shot will recover fully and will sue the company that hired the guy as a guard with that criminal record. In defense of the alleged shooter, he claimed he was not the guy with the sexual assault against children convictions; maybe he is and maybe he is not but he reportedly admitted to the cops he shot the guy. As for his defense of self-defense though, it should be laughed out of court and his lawyer disbarred in my opinion!

All the best,
Glenn B

Grandpa Kitchen

Over the past weekend, I was in Frisco, TX visiting Walter, a friend of my son. My son Brendan was there too. Brendan tuned into Grandpa Kitchen on YouTube and played it on Walter's huge, I think, 75" screen TV. It was a cooking channel with an amusing twist (to many but not all the videos) and was quite informative as to just how many dishes they make in India that contain red chili powder! I highly recommend watching videos at this YouTube channel and mind you many of the things they prepare are not Indian cuisine: 
Many of the recipes look easy to prepare, the prepared dishes often look mouthwatering and if you subscribe to the channel you are helping the creators not only to make some money but apparently also to donate to charity and to feed orphaned children.
This is Grandpa's favorite recipe, at least it was at the time he did this video. My mouth is watering:


I suppose I should note that sadly, Grandpa is gone now but the channel continues with new videos thanks to his grandchildren. Give it a look see, you may find yourself thinking of cooking up a dish or three and of eating somethings you have never tried before!
My son has turned me on and tuned me in to some really excellent YouTube channels; how he finds them is a mystery to me.
All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, August 30, 2021

I Am Waiting To See - How Biden - Who Broke His Vow...

 ...to have U.S. troops remain inside Afghanistan until every last American citizen, who wanted to leave, was safely evacuated from that country (source) - will blame it on President Trump. 
You know it is probably inevitable that the incompetent boob will play the blame game if only because it is almost a given that one of his handlers will instruct him to do so. He seems little more than a trained chimpanzee (no insult to chimps intended) or closer yet to being a rock with lips who does nothing without permission of someone behind the curtain (probably behind the Iron Curtain or the Red Curtain or both). 
He is the candidate the libtards picked to be the president of the United States of America. Damn, there certainly were better ones in the running (even though I disliked them all - there were some much better picks than him if it had to go left); they scraped the shit right off someone's shoes when they selected Biden.
In my 65 plus years on this earth, I have never seen a more incompetent bumbling fool in the White House. He makes LBJ, Carter, and even Obama almost look close to having been good. No, I did not mention Clinton - nothing could make him look even almost close to having been good although he probably was not as bad as Biden will prove to have been by the end of his term.
As far as I am concerned, Biden is a traitor who has abandoned Americans and in coddling the Taliban has left us open to new terrorist attacks on U.S. soil by them, ISIS-K, al-Qaeda or all of them.
All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, August 26, 2021

We May Not Be Able To Petition The Lord With Prayer...

 ...but we sure as hell can petition to have Joe Biden removed from office. I will be writing to my Congressmen to have him removed by way of petition, or impeachment or the 25th Amendment to the Constitution or by whatever means is legal and quick. 
It has become painfully obvious that not only is he incompetent but it also appears to me that he is an ally to our enemies. Add to those the fact that today he blatantly admitted he was "instructed" to call on a certain list of reporters during the news conference in reference to the bombing in Kabul that killed 13 U.S. military personnel (so far) and 60 Afghans (so far) and it has become obvious that the president of the United States of America (or in other words the Commander In Chief) is not in command at all. Here is how his revelation, that someone else is instructing him as to what to do, was reported:

""Ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here. The first person I was instructed to call on was Kelly O'Donnell from NBC," Biden kicked off the press conference." (Source.)

I note, that if this was reported on CNN it was apparently hidden somewhere in an article that did not headline it or if headlined, then the article was hidden away not on their home page as far as I could see. 
As for the president, I believe Joe Biden is evidently incompetent as it is witnessed by the fact that someone has to give him instructions apparently as to which reporters to call on who likely will ask him softball type questions! Imagine, who then is giving him those instructions? Also, imagine that when it comes to really important decisions about U.S. policy here and abroad, like in Afghanistan, who is really in charge of our nation! Seemingly, it's not bumbling Joe Biden. If he cannot handle a group of reporters on his own, how can he be expected to handle national security issues (and as already seen he is not doing at all well with them such as Afghanistan, COVID-19, the border crisis and the economy). 

Folks, if we do not get this flubbing fool out of office, along with most of his administration, we are doomed. Let's face it, Laughing Hyena Harris has to go as well, she'd maybe be worse than Biden as president. Biden is so bad at accepting responsibility, even while he says he accepts it he immediately followed that up by trying to imply it was all President Trump's fault! So, he still is blaming things on president Trump - who had not been our president since January - 7 months ago (and bear in mind he reversed almost everything president Trump had put into place but not this withdrawal - then he faults President Trump while he, Biden, ran it like a moron)! Look here: 
Yes President Trump may have made an agreement with the Taliban with regard to the U.S. withdrawal of troops but let's face facts - Trump would have handled any withdrawal of troops and any aggression by the Taliban or others during the withdrawal of troops, U.S. personnel, U.S. citizens and other Afghan personnel in a very different fashion than the foolhardy way Joe Biden has been doing it. Imagine though had it been President Trump in charge of this debacle - they would have figuratively (maybe even literally) hung him for this mess but Biden they attempt to praise. Then again had President Trump been in charge of the pull-out, I am certain, there would have been little to absolutely no mess. Based upon his records within the area, I think President Trump would have ordered airstrikes against the Taliban and ISIS-K at the first signs of violent aggression by either and he would have had sufficient troops on the ground to aid with the evacuation way before it even began. The evacuation of U.S. Personnel, American citizens and our Afghan allies, under President Trump, would have commenced and continued in an orderly and secret fashion (secret in as much as no details being shared with the Taliban, to potentially pass along to ISIS-K, as Biden shared with the Taliban and then they possibly leaked to ISIS-K who killed our 13 service personnel and many Afghans today). 
The U.S. would have been in charge and remained in charge with President Trump at the helm instead of the way it's been with President Biden fumbling along and reportedly begging (and thus trusting) an enemy for help in evacuating our embassy (source) and getting more of our service personnel killed than has been the case in many years in Afghanistan! And yes, he is the one responsible for their deaths as I see it because he is a totally incompetent screw-up and has failed to run this operation properly from day one. I urge you to correspond with your elected officials demanding that he be removed from office, without delay, by any legal means.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Lately The Situation In The USA & World Is Too Depressing/Dusgusting To Blog Much About...

 ...so, I will not blog about it in any great detail except to say Biden should be figuratively executed for what are in my mind his crimes against: humanity, intelligence (how he can have been so idiotic to in effect have said if the Taliban cooperated he would work out a smooth transition of power to them - after they had already conquered and thus already had taken control of most of Afghanistan - in what amounted to an unchecked blitzkrieg - is beyond my comprehension), the citizens of the USA, our rights & liberties. Add to to those crimes, his apparent complete lack of leadership abilities (hown did the dems ever make him their pick for president is unfathomable - he makes LBJ, Carter & Obama look like great presidents by comparison - heck, a fifth grader could have done better in the pullout from Afghanistan), his blatantly pompous attitude and the fact that he breathes the air that someone else could be breathing and I am convinced that not only does he not deserve to be, nor is qualified to be, the president of the United States of America but he does not even deserve to live in this country. I think it would be a befitting punishment (and yes I think he needs to be punished for his numerous and deplorable gaffes) that he be deported to Afghanistan - but only after a sex change operation  - so that his trusted buddies (at least he trusts them) in the Taliban can give him what he truly deserves after they turn him into a sex slave.
Yep, I think, that in a very brief manner, that about sums up how I feel about him. Heaven forbid that I rant on, in detail, about what I think of him - it would amount to a very thick & heavy tome with very fine print to fit it all.
All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, August 16, 2021

I've Only Seen Scenes Like This In Movies Before...

 ...movies that depicted TEOTWAWKI scenes. I am referring to the videos I have seen of people clinging to U.S. aircraft, people trying to escape Afghanistan and the wrath of the Taliban (source).
I cannot imagine the fear that is driving these people to attempt to flee Afghanistan by clinging to the outside of a U.S. aircraft but they are doing it and a few have reportedly fallen from a U.S. C-17 to their deaths in trying to escape the Taliban takeover. Some wonder why the Afghans in their military forces were unable to stop the Taliban surge over the past week or so; well, my guess is they fear the torture and terrible deaths by beheading the Taliban are known for and which they lived through before the U.S. invaded. Of course, I also imagine because the U.S. military has been ordered to stand down as far as assisting them or advising them goes. 
Why the United States of American, led by that no good POS Joe Biden, did not have an exit strategy that would have had the Afghan Army ready to at least try fighting off the Taliban is beyond comprehension. Now Biden and his administration are trying to blame it on President Trump! Yeah, I know, last year Trump told the Taliban he would remove troops by a certain date and they began preparing for a take over BUT my bet is Trump would have had our military strafing & bombing the shit out of them along with having advisors help direct the Afghan Army in a counter attack to prevent the successful takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban. 
Anyone who wants to say different about what President Trump likely would have done - as in you leftist, liberal, Democrat detractors of President Trump - President Trump has a strong record on how he decisively had our military deal with terror groups! Biden has been a befuddled failing fool. After all, what did bumbling Biden do as the Taliban raged across Afghanistan - he went on vacation! He should not only be impeached - if at all possible, if there are any applicable charges at all, he should be prosecuted for war crimes or dereliction of duty, in my opinion. The man is a disgrace and so is his entire administration. To think - this is the best that the left had to offer to lead the United States of America - if you voted for him you should be ashamed of yourselves.

All the best,
Glenn B

Another Weekend Coming Sooner Or Later...

 ...and another gun show coming along with the next one. That gun show will be in Conway, AR and I am sorely debating (with myself) whether or not I should make the drive there. In all likelihood that will be a yes because my son will have a couple of tables there. So, I guess that means we will have tables there. 
Oh well, it's always a good day even if I don't sell much of anything or sell nothing at all. Since ammo prices have gone down for the most part, if I want to sell any of what I have, I either have to sell some at break even prices or maybe a small loss. Regardless, I have to pay sales tax to AR and after already having paid sales tax on it in TX that sucks as far as trying to actually make any money to support the gun addiction thing. Oh well, I think you can safely bet that I'll be there anyway becasue it means visiting Brendan.
All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, August 15, 2021

A Waste Of Time...

...and gasoline it was today when I drove about a 270 mile round trip to attend the gun show in Bonham, TX today. I know, Sundays are slow days at gun shows as opposed to Saturdays but I still would have expected more than 36 attendees, including myself, inside the event hall when I got there. I suppose that was an excellent sign that I was not going to be able to sell either of the two AR-15 style rifles, nor the Colt Lord Deringer (SIC) 2 Derringer set in 22 Short, nor the High Standard DM-101 Derringer in 22 Mag, nor the Glock 19 GEN5 9 mm pistol I had brought along.

In fact, that sign in essence pointed me back home with all of the guns I had brought along. It had to be one of the most terrible gun shows I have ever attended. There were several tables with no dealers at them and nothing on them. Of course, there also were the usual mix of tables with guns, tables with knives, tables with accessories, and tables with junk that never should be seen at a gun show. As for the tables with guns, I did not see one gun get removed from the table, paid for, and walk out the door with a happy buyer. Prices on ammo were very high but lower than  they then they would have been two months ago. Prices of guns were somewhere beyond the stratosphere, for example a well used Ruger 10/22 standard model, with a wooden stock, a piece of junk old scope, and a 30 round magazine had a price tag on it of $475.00. A DPMS AR-15 had a price tag with $1,200.00 on it! I was there for about an hour and a half before leaving in disgust. 

I would not have travelled there in the first place if there were more gun shows near Texarkana on the Texas side of the Texas-Arkansas border; thus allowing me to sell rifles, shotguns and handguns to anyone with a Texas driver's license without having to go through a dealer with an FFL. In the future though, I will not bother with that show again as long as my little grey cells can remember how disgusted I felt when I was there today. If I somehow come to remember that I was there last year as well, I may just have to kick myself in my own arse once or twice to make sure I remember next year not to go again. Truth be told, I really do not want to be reminded if I was there before and returned again today because if that is the case, I deserve a really hard kick.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Hey New York...

 ...when does the celebration begin now that your POS governor has resigned.

It's certainly a good day for New York in as much as Cuomo is gone but it will soon be followed by another terrible day when the next demoncrat takes his place. 
He was, the biggest POS politician I have ever had the displeasure of having had as a governor of one of my prior states of residence. In fact, while I do not think he was the worst, I believe he was one of the most horrendous POS politicians ever in the USA. In my opinion, he was right down there near in the crud at the bottom of the barrel of swill wallowing along with Woodrow Wilson (who comes to mind as possibly the worst U.S. president/politician of all time) and others like FDR, LBJ, WJC & BHO - who also come to mind as terrible. Maybe there is a bit of hope things will get better in NY but I tend to doubt it; anyway - good riddance! Party on New Yorkers - at least until the next POS takes his place.
All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, August 7, 2021

The Affliction That's An Addiction Took Its Toll On Me Again Today

Damn, I bid around $1,500 bucks on a gun auction today for which I (and my son) had the high bids. The youngster's bids amounted to around $180 for magazines and a bayonet. Mine were for a rifle and two pistols and accounted for the remainder. Add to that a 13% buyer's premium, on everything, and shipping plus at least two FFL fees (one may be a C&R gun, I need to check) and my bank account will be hurting. Oh well, time to sell something else and keep the ones I want to keep.

I must say, the guns I bid on seemed highly desirable to me - at least before I bid all that money away. Even after bidding, at least two of them still seem like they are potential keepers - at least for awhile of enjoyment.

They are a Hi-Standard Supermatic Tournament Model 103 pistol in 22 LR:


 It looks nice and I hope that is so because I did not ask them to check the condition on this one before bidding on it.

And then there was this one, a Navy Arms 1875 Schofield No. 45 (actually think that should be No. 4 but who knows) U.S. Cavalry Model in 45 LC (hope I can find some ammo for it):

They look nice, I think and I think they are quite desirable.

Then there was this one, a Remington Model 550-IP .22 S,L,LR Semi-Auto in 22 S, L & LR. It is supposed to be in 90% condition. Saw one today at a Gun Show and the dealer was asking $425 but i;t was very nice. He said they usually go for between $225 & 250 on average when he buys them to sell. So, I got this one right in that price range at $225 plus 13%.

I hope they are as nice a they look and as much fun as I think they will be. That Schofield looks gigantic and like it will be one heck of a fun gun if I can find ammo for it at a not prohibitive price (of course I'll buy some ammo for it anyway). 

All the best,
Glenn B


Friday, August 6, 2021

Roaches Are Easy To Kill But It's Hard To Erradicate All of Them...

 ...since they hide in the cracks and breed like - well like roaches when hiding. Of course, they do come out once the lights are turned off. Just like roaches, those in the Taliban are easy to kill but as a group they are hard to extirpate. They too hide in the cracks, so to speak, then again almost literally inside cracks in the mountainsides. Roaches destroy good things by eating our food and defecating on our food products and elsewhere in our homes; they also spread diseases. The Taliban breed like roaches and spread their diseased creed like roaches spread their droppings - over everything they encounter. 
Once the lights went out, so to speak, in Afghanistan when U.S. troops were removed from that country, the scum of the earth, the Taliban crawled out of the cracks and began what is almost certain to become another reign of terror. If it was just in that country alone, I might say screw it - why be concerned - but how could I or you wish that evil on anyone without being almost as bad as are they! Even if you think that way and say screw the collateral damage, it probably is too late for that now that they are taking control again.
Now that the lights are out, they assuredly will not confine their terror to within the borders of a single nation. They will be coming our way once again, when we are sleeping once again, and you can bet their attack (with or without help from other groups like Al-Qaeda) will again be devastating once again. The mistake was not to destroy as many of them as was possible when we had the chance - when we were on the ground in what is fast again becoming their country. I do not blame this on Biden even though he is the one who brought it to the final point of allowing them to regroup and expand. Trump would have done the same as most probably would have done any other president in short order in the current mess we call the world. I blame it on a general distaste for doing what needed to be done to get the task accomplished and that I think would have been to annihilate as many of them as possible with extreme prejudice. I feel no mercy for said group and judging them by what they have done before and now have done already, since U.S. troops left the country, just goes to show what terrorizing savages are they and that they deserve the fate I think they deserve; anyway that is my opinion. More on what they have been doing at this source and that source.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, August 5, 2021

How Low Will Fox Go?

I know it is not, and in fact cannot be, just me who has noticed the commencement of Fox News' rapid slide into the swill, slime and sludge at the bottom of the news world barrel. Once upon a time, in the United States of America, it seemingly was pretty much only pulp type rags that printed stuff like that Fox has been plastering all over their online news site in recent times. The amount of non-newsworthy news they have been printing, at least in my opinion, has been staggering.

For instance, as I type at the keyboard, it is August 5, 2021 at about 415 in the morning. In the center column of three columns, on the FoxNews.com website, there are approximately 38 articles in what to me seems to be the main news section. That is followed by other articles, and/or repeats of some of those same articles, in subsections with their own headers such as Business, Corona Virus, Fox News Flash, Politics, U.S, World, America Together, Opinion and so on. Looking within just the main news section that I just mentioned and at only the articles within the center column, there are articles with these headlines:

Former Microsoft boss breaks silence on 'very sad' divorce, his Epstein 'mistake'

Heidi Klum shows off her backside in cheeky Instagram post: 'What a view'

Katharine McPhee, David Foster so in love at dinner after welcoming their first son into the world

Ava Phillippe strolls with her two dogs as mom Reese Witherspoon sells company in huge deal

Cameron Diaz, 48, makes rare appearance taking daughter Raddix to swim class in Beverly Hills

Charlize Theron soaks up some sun in black bikini while yachting in Greece

‘It’s very hurtful’: Model defends herself after photos arise of her topless on yacht with Princess Eugenie’s husband

Those six (7) articles amount to approximately 18.5%  of all the articles in that center column of the  main news section, almost 1/5 of the articles. As far as I am concerned, not one of them is of interest and none of them is newsworthy, except maybe for publication in a pulp type rag or within the 'pages' of a social media website where the users of those sites love to read what amounts to useless gossip. 

Think about it, really - are you truly interested in reading about the rare appearance of an entertainer who took her daughter to swimming lessons or about an actress whose photograph makes her look like, as I see her, a somewhat thinner version of the Pillsbury Doughboy, all much too white and pasty (or would it be pastry) looking for my tastes, while donned in a bikini. The sight almost makes me want to allow vultures to pluck out my eyes! Do you or I really have a need to know, or even want to know, about another actress' whose daughter walked her dogs? Honestly folks - I am surprised they did not get the scoop of her scooping up the poop; is that newsworthy or is it absolute crap! Then there is the one about a model showing off her backside (not that I'd necessarily mind looking) - butt to me it seems to be yet another classic piece befitting a sensationalist rag or maybe better yet for something like a so called gentleman's magazine, Those things certainly are not, in my opinion, fit for a publication that likes to give the impression it is printing the news, at least news about anything that matters. These are not even human interest stories as I see them - they are filler deserving of being thrown into the trash can and not much more in my opinion. Wait, oh yes, they are something more - they are liberal style fawning over the elite of Hollywood - something that I think you, or at least I, would not have expected to see, in such abundance, on a site like FoxNews just a year or three ago.

Why is FoxNews descending to the levels of CNN, MSNBC, NBC and to the levels of what I think were the pulp rags of old? Are they trying to commit virtual suicide as has, I think, the NY Times or are they trying to appease their audience which somehow has become interested in non-newsworthy news, so to speak, as opposed to printing articles solely, or at least in greater abundance, about events that actually have some importance in the life of Americans and that would interest those with some modicum of intelligence.

Further down the page, at FoxNews.com, there is a section with the header: Good News. In it there is an article about someone finding their cat after it had gone missing for 6 years. That article is one of those feel good human interest stories that the mainstream media (and make no mistake FoxNews is part of the mainstream media no matter what Hannity and others claim) likes to throw into the mix - usually near the bottom of the page. Yet even though relegated to the bottom of the heap, more or less, if I were to read it, my guess is that it would be of more interest to me than an article about some multi-billionaire's marital problems or an article about two unknown to me celebrities being "...so in love at dinner...". 

Honestly though, when I am looking to read newsworthy news, I am much more likely to look for pieces about: the aftermath of the U.S. pulling out of Afghanistan, the latest efforts by the dems to destroy the 2nd Amendment or to phase out other rights and liberties, voter identification requirements, the huge surge of illegal border crossings, illegal aliens with COVID-19 being released into the USA, COVID-19 breakthrough cases, calls for Governor Andrew Cuomo to be prosecuted and to resign, the government of Mexico attempting to sure U.S. Firearms manufacturers relative to arms trafficking to Mexico,  the progress in the impeachment attempt of Governor Gavin Newsom, the state of the stock market and our economy in general, China's continued militarization, the origins of the Novel Corona Virus, Russia's chest pounding and drum beating in world politics, the current president's income tax plans for the nation, employment in the nation, the infrastructure bill, the alleged anti-American activities of BLM & ANTIFA, the seemingly failing mental health of the man in the White House and the activities of the cackling and possibly crazed woman who would take his place. Then again, lest we forget or sweep it under the rug, there is the rampant violence that has been taking place in  mostly liberal run cities like Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, Seattle and Washington, DC to name a few; I find that quite interesting especially in light of the responses of the left relative to calls to defund the police and their absolute unwillingness or inability to bring the violent crime surges to an end. Of course, some other folks also may have an interest in sports and even I take an occasional look at articles about the Olympics.

Sure, FoxNews has articles about most of, if not all of, those truly newsworthy things that I just mentioned. The thing is though, as I  indicated above, they also throw in way too much non-newsworthy trash as I see it. I wish they would go back to reporting the news - not all the news that is fit to print as the NY Times used to claim it printed, nor all the news that fits as, I think, Rolling Stone magazine/newspaper claimed they printed but instead that they would fill up their webpage with articles that are truly newsworthy and of interest to, and worthy of being read by, people with at least half a brain. 

I am not saying they should do away with entertainment news or human interest stories and the like but at least that when reporting on entertainers or entertainment that they would please report what is worthy of the news and that is not an article about how sizzling looking is someone's behind. Intelligent reporting about current events and such that have some real importance in the grand scheme of things, with a bit of human interest stories thrown in for good measure, and not so high a rate of stories that amount to mere sensationalism would be a nice change of pace. Stuff like that, the flamboyant and the absolutely petty is apparently often only in the news because of one's celebrity status and because the media loves kissing the arses of celebrities. Well not only due to those two things, we need to include the fact that way too many idiots people want to read about those things instead of what truly matters in the nation and the world.

I realize everyone has their own opinion and yours may differ from mine but that is mine and I am sure that there are some other folks who must think likewise and long for a return to the times when trash news was pretty much reported on in what were the pulp rags of the day and newsworthy news was what made up the great bulk of pieces in newspapers, television news reporting and even early online news sites.
All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The New Way To Covid-19 Herd Immunity?

Eat venison (well maybe only venison from select whitetail deer from among 40% of the population)! It may not be a foolproof way to get herd immunity, but maybe - just maybe it might work as side plot cure for what ails people in a Covid-19/Zombie movie. In actuality, who knows, it might do nothing or might be a way to contract Covid-19.
Folks, it seems that scientists (those guys often referred to as egg-heads) have discovered that 40% of whitetail deer populations have anti-bodies for the virus that causes Covid-19. The researchers who discovered this are worried that the virus, if in other beasties as in other than human beasties, could evolve to newer and deadlier strains unchecked and cause a threat to humanity. Don't believe me, then read about it at the source. Of course, with as much as the so called experts change their minds about the Novel Corona Virus (aka: Covid-19, aka: The China Virus, aka: The Wu-Flu, aka: Rona V) you may decide they are full of shit or at least as full of themselves as is the ultimate so called expert Dr. Fauci. He is both full of both himself and of shit. Oh wait, saying that was redundant as those are one and the same, are they not - Fauci = himself = shit!
As for me, I may go poaching hunting real soon. A venison steak sure could hit the spot and if it might make me immune to the latest strain - what one are we at now - D isn't it - that would be grand! I must point out, with all seriousness, if up to 40% wild deer populations have antibodies, meaning they were infected at one time or another by being close enough to spread it among themselves - just imagine how many swine (by the way which is the farm animal most like humans) and domesticated cattle have had it as well and thus how many of them may have antibodies and/or may also be carriers capable of spreading the virus to people. My guess would be the numbers would be higher, much higher, for them than for deer because they are kept in much closer proximity to each other and in higher numbers, than wild deer are in proximity to one another. 

That could be bad or could be good as far as domestic livestock and our economy go. If enough people think that eating them would be a way to acquire the antibodies in their systems - pork & beef prices will hit the moon. If, on the other hand, enough folks think holy crap - they have it too and eating them may be spreading it to humans - demand will plummet and I may once again be buying chuck steak for stew at .59 cents per pound and rib-eye steaks at $1.99 per pound. Then again, some arsehat politician maybe will demand the execution of every porker and beef head in the good old US of A - for our good of course. What would be next - family pets!
With this greatest and latest news from the experts, I am again wondering (as I kind of, sort of, just about really wondered - way, back close to when we in the USA were first hearing lots about the Novel Corona Virus - here & here) if this truly is about to become our 12 Monkeys moment. The 12 Monkeys moment being TEOTWAWKI or even our extinction and the our referring to the human race.

If anything, it has not been boring this novel corona virus, seems there is always something new about it!

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, August 2, 2021

I Hate When I Have To Sell A Gun...

 ...to get cash because I have run low of it. I did just that late this afternoon; although, I either should have done it yesterday or much earlier today. What I did today was grabbed two guns - one pistol and one rifle and headed out to a gun show in Paris (TX not France). I left my place at about 1PM or a bit earlier. I got to the show at 230 or so and that is not a good time to get to a gun show on a Sunday, at least if you want to sell something. The place had about 50 folks at most (other than the dealers) looking around. As for the dealers, it was kind of a small show, I am guessing 150 tables or so but really that is just a guess. 
When I walked in, I was carrying a like new, in the box with papers & accessories, Glock 19 GEN5 and a Remington R-15 VTR Predator rifle that was also like new. I made a right turn into the room and the dealer at the first table, to my right, asked what I was selling and for how much. I was asking a pretty much set price for the Glock 19 and told him so - he passed. Dealer at the next table asked me the same thing after hearing me talk to the first guy. He also declined but he then pointed behind me and said go see that guy. That guy was a dealer across the aisle. He took it, looked at it and shelled out the exact amount I had been asking in cash.
The Remington got some but less interest and did not sell. Had I been there hours earlier or better yet had I been there yesterday on Saturday, my bet is it would have sold too. Saturday is always, it seems, the better day to sell guns at a gun show.
Now I have some needed cash to pay my bills. I got carried away with the credit card last month and forgot that my auto and renter's insurance are due this month. I paid one payment each last year for the full year and hoped to do the same this year, so the extra cash will help lessen how much I need to take from my savings to get that accomplished.
Anyway, to say the least, I am disappointed that I had to sell a gun to get some needed cash to pay bills. I'd rather sell a gun to get money to  buy another gun instead of using it to pay bills. At least then it's fun wheeling and dealing. Even though it was sort of disappointing to have to do that today, it was a bit of fun too because let me just say I did much better than you would expect being a dealer purchased it from me and he bought it at my initial asking price and that is enough said on that subject.
All the best,
Glenn B