Monday, August 2, 2021

I Hate When I Have To Sell A Gun... get cash because I have run low of it. I did just that late this afternoon; although, I either should have done it yesterday or much earlier today. What I did today was grabbed two guns - one pistol and one rifle and headed out to a gun show in Paris (TX not France). I left my place at about 1PM or a bit earlier. I got to the show at 230 or so and that is not a good time to get to a gun show on a Sunday, at least if you want to sell something. The place had about 50 folks at most (other than the dealers) looking around. As for the dealers, it was kind of a small show, I am guessing 150 tables or so but really that is just a guess. 
When I walked in, I was carrying a like new, in the box with papers & accessories, Glock 19 GEN5 and a Remington R-15 VTR Predator rifle that was also like new. I made a right turn into the room and the dealer at the first table, to my right, asked what I was selling and for how much. I was asking a pretty much set price for the Glock 19 and told him so - he passed. Dealer at the next table asked me the same thing after hearing me talk to the first guy. He also declined but he then pointed behind me and said go see that guy. That guy was a dealer across the aisle. He took it, looked at it and shelled out the exact amount I had been asking in cash.
The Remington got some but less interest and did not sell. Had I been there hours earlier or better yet had I been there yesterday on Saturday, my bet is it would have sold too. Saturday is always, it seems, the better day to sell guns at a gun show.
Now I have some needed cash to pay my bills. I got carried away with the credit card last month and forgot that my auto and renter's insurance are due this month. I paid one payment each last year for the full year and hoped to do the same this year, so the extra cash will help lessen how much I need to take from my savings to get that accomplished.
Anyway, to say the least, I am disappointed that I had to sell a gun to get some needed cash to pay bills. I'd rather sell a gun to get money to  buy another gun instead of using it to pay bills. At least then it's fun wheeling and dealing. Even though it was sort of disappointing to have to do that today, it was a bit of fun too because let me just say I did much better than you would expect being a dealer purchased it from me and he bought it at my initial asking price and that is enough said on that subject.
All the best,
Glenn B


skybill said...

Hi Glenn,
Been there, done that, got the T-shirt!!!
Swore I'd never do it again......


Glenn B said...
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Glenn B said...

I guess all gun owners who have ever sold a gun just because they were short on cash have made the same oath. I sold guns shortly after I got married because I needed cash to pay bills. Then when trying to replace those guns years later, I swore I'd never do it again. Of course as evidenced in my post above, I just did it again because I was low on cash to pay my bills. Well over 30 years came between tbose sales. I honestly don't remember if I ever did it in between those two times and in fact I don't believe I did but I may have forgotten. Those little gray cells do not work as good as they used to when trying to remember things, especially ones I'd rather forget. I readily admit to selling guns to get cash to buy other guns though, that I have done fairly often, it perpetuates the passion.