Monday, September 10, 2018

The Local Gin Mill Is A Good Influence...

...on me or at least one of the guys who works there was such. My daughter, grandson and I had dinner there a week or two ago and our waiter asked me if I had been keeping up on going to the gym. I told him no. He told me likewise about himself but added he had just started again. I thought about it and said I should do so too. Then, as usual, kind of, sort of, just about forgot all about it.
That was until today when I told myself I was determined to start going again. So I went this evening. I hit the treadmill, which is about all I do there besides sometimes a bit of weights. I walked 3.85 miles and jogged .25 of a mile for a total of 4.1 miles in 70 minutes, most of it at an incline, probably an average of at least 2.5 to 3 degrees down to zero and up to 5.5.

Certainly nothing earth shattering as my speed or incline went but considering I have not been o the gym since last November  - I am happy with what I did this evening. Hell, I'd be happy never going faster but just walking up more of an incline even if slower. You burn lots of calories going up hill.

Damn, I have been paying for it for 10 months without using it! Oh well, maybe I will actually start getting my money's worth for at least a few months before I quit again for awhile. Over the years I have usually worked out a couple to few months, stopped for a month or two, then resumed for a few months to maybe as many a six, then laid off again for awhile and on and on. Ten months though, well that was an awfully long a time without going back to the gym and meant I was way overdue for the resumption segment.

Not a bad time for me to resume though what with big game hunting seasons upon me and me probably going to be traipsing around the woods.

All the best,
Glenn B