Monday, January 12, 2015

I Must Admit That As Much As I Can Use The Money...

...I hope they don't call me into work tomorrow. Coming home today to absolutely NO beer in the fridge but yet a good stash of my Moonshine Cherries (that had already been reinforced with extra moonshine) has me feeling less than like I want to work tomorrow.

Later for U (and much later for work),

I Am Back Home At Last...

...after spending a week and a day in West Palm Beach, FL and not having a whole lot of fun. Then again, I did not go there for fun, I went to help out my ailing uncle or at least lend moral support which is about all that I did. Well, I actually did a little more than that but not much.

While there, I managed to meet up with a good friend (a brother indeed) from my Border Patrol days (or daze depending on how you loo at it), went out to dinner with my uncle and a cousin (twice), went out to dinner with my favorite cousin and a nephew (or something like that) and met up with a dear friend for lunch too. Planned fishing trip went to pot but I did manage to get my uncle up off of his arse and out of his condo for a short trip to a couple of pet shops to get some stuff for his tropical fish. Other than that, yesterday I drove about 130 miles (each way) to find a gator head at a tourist trap sort of gift shop at a gator farm yesterday because I had asked my son if he wanted a gator head and he said "yeah".

Today, I flew back to a local airport, on Southwest Airlines and while this was a MUCH better flight than my flight down there - with a much better set of flight attendants, I could have only wished to have a flight attendant like this one to have made the flight down there more fun:

As for the flight back though, I got two of those mini bottle of Wild Turkey (wow is it really 101 proof) for free! So, maybe my flight attendant today was the best for which I could have ever hoped. Then again, he was a guy, I guess he appreciated the fact that I ordered (and thus needed) two instead of one of those Wild Turkey minis and also empathized with me when the nice lady next to me spilled her drink on my left leg. I believe that only the second time ever, in my history of flying (which has been extensive) that I have gotten free in flight alcoholic drinks.

Anyway, I are home and are loving it - especially the facts that my daughter and wife met me at the train station and that the gifts I got for everyone made it through the flight okay. Of course, finding my Glock still in my luggage was also a very good thing. Most importantly though, I left my uncle feeling better - or at least I think I did so.

All the best,
Glenn B