Sunday, June 29, 2014

Recharging Silica Desiccant In The Summertime...

...when the weather is high but maybe just a tad too hot to turn on the oven, in your kitchen, for three or so hours - even on low heat - may seem like something that has to wait until September or October. Yet, there is another way to get those suckers completely dried out and ready to suck up all the moisture in your gun safe or tool chest. If you have a gas fired BBQ grill, one big enough to have three or four burners, you can set one burner (one all the way to one side of the grill, not a burner in the center) to it's lowest, or next to lowest setting, to achieve the desired temperature and place the packs of desiccant on the grill all the way on the far side from the lit burner. You will have to monitor the grill for this and luckily mine has a thermometer set in the face of the grill cover so I know the temperature is good when I do it.

A temperature of about 175 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit should do the trick over the course of about two to three hours. Too much higher than that and you may burn some types of the containers holding the desiccant or the dryness indicators (mine are in cardboard or aluminum containers both with dryness indicators inside them) and too little may not sufficiently dry out the desiccant to have made it worth the effort of the gas. Of course, make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions as to whether or not you can recharge your silica desiccant and if so then as to how to accomplish it.

Mine will be going onto the grill, this afternoon, once it cools enough after grilling the marinated pork chops (bacon's cousin) that are on today's dinner menu. While the info on the desiccant packs say the stuff is harmless, I take few chances with it and put them atop a piece of aluminum foil to assure none of that stuff gets in my oven. I usually let the oven cool completely before removing and using them, or if taking them out when still hot or warm, I wear an oven mitt to avoid getting burned.

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Glenn B

Kids Are Not Obese Because Of What The Leftists Tell You

I wasn't obese as a kid - I was skinny. Back then, I ate whatever I wanted if and when I could get it which was fairly frequently and what I wanted was Yodels, Ring Dings, Twinkies, Oreos, McDonalds and White Castle burgers, greasy spoon specials, over stuffed with meat and cheese hero sandwiches, chocolate milk (made with whole milk), real butter on my bread or bagels and plenty of it, real butter and maple syrup on my pancakes and lots of them smothered in it, bacon, bacon, bacon, ;pizza, candy, cake, cookies and whatever. It had nothing to do with the price, we were piss poor and I mean that most earnestly; yet I ate more than enough junk food. Me being skinny lasted until I got married. 

The thing was, when I was a kid and a single adult, I was out and about playing, walking climbing, running, fishing, hunting, flying kites, chasing girls, hopping freight trains (don't do that today kids it is illegal and dangerous) and whatever instead of sitting home on a computer, watching TV for way too long, or afraid a stranger would get me.

Why not worry about that when I was a younger guy? Because if 
stranger (or someone I knew) did something like that to me and the police then caught him, they would beat his arse and he would either go to jail where other inmates would beat and rape him or he would be put to death as in executed for his crime. Otherwise he would have been committed to the loony bin forever - thus little chance of a stranger abducting me back then so no need to worry too much about it. Nowadays that has all changed and parents keep their kids under house arrest. They are not only afraid of abductions but even of the monkey bars and swings at local parks or of normal kids sports like dodge ball. For holy hell's sake - what have we become, we are afraid of our own shadows!

Now, I am older and fatter. I still eat the same stuff so why is it that I am fatter than I should be? Well, I have been brainwashed somewhat by married life and our terrified society 's fears. I sit around on the Internet too much, watch too much TV and am afraid that if I go out a stranger will try something nasty and I may have to blow his shit away in justified self defense (did it once don't want to have to do it again because I don't need the headaches, possible legal fees or nightmares). Too bad we don't treat criminals, especially violent ones who have harmed innocents, with the respect they deserve - execution upon conviction - and that would mean execution without delay.

As for me, I guess I should just load for bear (just to be on the safe side) and start taking walks around town again.

A hat tip to Patrick J for having that pic up on Facebook.

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