Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Winds Of War - Whipping The Shores of the Falkland Islands...

...Or Maybe We Should Call Them The Maldives

After reading the article at the below link:

I would think that another Falklands Island war is almost inevitable. There certainly could be many different outcomes of the events reported upon in the article but it seems to me as if Argentina is almost begging for it. This time they just may win it. England, as a country is a mess. Her armed forces are probably not much better off than is the rest of the country. Argentina, according to the article, has already gathered allies to lend their support. Who will support England? Probably not the United State of America, not in any way other than lip service and maybe a loan of a fighter jet or two. We are involved in two wars already and are having difficulties getting out of them. I doubt we could do much for England except to arm her and as badly off as we are when it comes to our economy I wonder what could we afford to lend? Not much.

Nope, if it happens this time, I foresee difficult times for the English and for the inhabitants of the Falklands and maybe a new flag raised high thereabouts.

All the best,
Glenn B

19 Words, As Valid Today As They Were On December 7, 1941

I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.

How the world once feared and respected the United States of America can be seen in the quote attributed to Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. Yes, Japan lost its fear and respect for us and paid the ultimate price for it, unconditional surrender after a brutal few years of terribly destructive battle. The truly sad thing though is that Japan was merely ahead of its time by about 70 years, today being the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the final even that brought the United States into WWII. Had the Japanese been more patient, maybe as seem to be the Chinese (they are almost at the point where they have no reason at all to respect us and little reason to fear us), the Japanese may have won. This is no longer 1941 and we have changed.

Our people are no longer indivisible, we no longer are a patriotic unified force. We have, to a large degree, lost the will to fight to protect those things that made us the greatest nation on the face of the earth - the one to which people flock for opportunity to achieve the American Dream, and we are now filled not with those who worked hard to get here and waited their turn to come here legally but with those who sauntered across our southern and even our northern borders virtually unchallenged - even welcomed by vote greedy politicians. We are a nation of people who have in great part forgotten our once great liberties and rights, who have given them up for this or that promised to us by those same politicians as we slide closer and closer each day toward the exact same things from which people once fled to our shores - things like tyranny, communism, fascism, and socialism. We truly face an enemy as we have never before and that enemy is the enemy within.

Yet, there are still many of us willing to fight, willing to uphold the things that made us strong. To stand for the rule of law, to uphold our Constitution and its amendments. To remain unfailingly patriotic when we face an enemy from without or within. Those among us who would give all to defend our way of life. Sadly though, we are diminished in number as each day goes by if only because of how these sacred things, sacred to any country with liberty and justice for all, are so easily obscured by those to whom we have given our trust to act as our leaders. In order to overcome this, we need only look to the sources of our having been born as a nation. Read the Declaration of Independence. Read the Constitution. Read the Bill of Rights. Then tell me, does out current administration really have our best interests at heart. I think not and I believe that if you truly sit back and read those fairly brief documents I just mentioned then you will believe likewise, if not then  believe you too are the enemy the enemy of the greatest nation on earth. I will be doing all that I can, in the upcoming 11 months or so to change how we stand. Stand by me and do the same, then on election day make sure to vote the current administration out of office. Let them know, the 19 words that began this post have not been forgotten and are as valid today as they were when first uttered 70 years ago, let them know that you and I are part of that sleeping giant and we are filled with a terrible resolve, one that means we will do all it takes to protect the United States of America just as did our forefathers in 1941.

All the best,
Glenn B