Monday, March 25, 2019

Of Course I Bought Some Guns At My Last Hessney Auction!

Nope, I did not forget, in my post immediately prior to this one, to post about the guns I bought yesterday. That post was praise of The Hessney Auction Company and they deserved that praise in a post on its own.

Now for the guns I added to my collection, they are:

One is a Mauser Model 1895 "Chile" 8mm Mauser bolt action, 29" barrel with full stock and sling, matching serial numbers including stock. Made by the Lowe factory. Now, I am not an expert on Mausers but my guess is they got it wrong when they said it is in 8mm; as far as I am aware these particular Mausers were all chambered in 7x57mm Mauser. Of course, it could have been modified; I am checking on that and hoping it is that they labelled it incorrectly.

Another is a Savage Model 64 in 22LR. Has a few minor dings in the stock but is otherwise a nice gun. Did not come with a magazine but that was an easy fix as they are readily available.

One more long gun was added to my flock - that one a Stevens Model 85 .22 S,L,LR take-down semi-auto, 24" barrel with magazine.

Then there was the reproduction Remington 44 caliber black powder revolver by Navy Arms. I got it more for a wall hanger than anything else but who knows - I may shoot it once I get to AR. Here in NY they are legal without a pistol license; but of course, being it is NY, as soon as you get cap, ball and or powder - black powder handguns have to go onto your pistol license. I figure why bother, I am moving to AR soon enough. 

Not a bad days haul. I got good prices on three of four and paid a decent price to maybe a bit too much on the Mauser but that one is most likely a long term a keeper. I am hopeful I can get to the range later today or tomorrow with the 22s but sure have been busy around the house getting ready for selling it. I'll do a range report on the 22s ASAP. The Mauser will have to wait until I determine which caliber is it with certainty.

All the best,
Glenn B