Tuesday, April 9, 2024

The Viewership of The View...

 ...might surprise you, it surely surprised me. It has been reported that in January it had over 2.5 million viewers. That was the highest amount of morons monthly viewers who watched said show in the last two years (more at the source). That is way down from from its all time high of over 6 million viewers in a single month, that month being November 2008 (more at the source). I was dismayed at first but now am hopeful that the fall in viewership since its all time high might mean that once liberal Americans may be smartening up, at least a bit. 
I will readily admit, I do not watch it. While I have watched a few times for a few minutes at most each time - I can say without a doubt that I believe mostly liberals & idiots (redundant - isn't it) watch it, maybe along with bored housewives or househusbands as the domestic situation may stand nowadays. I firmly believe that people who watch it either fared very poorly in school, or if they did well in school their lives are almost purely academic and based upon leftist teachings and that most of the viewers lack common sense and any practical experience in virtually all of the subjects discussed on the show.
In fact, I am convinced enough to be of the opinion that the hosts of the show (the women who make up the regular recurring discussion panel and the men too, if there are any) are truly unintelligent and or ignorant when it comes to the issues they discuss, to their evident emotion driven talking points and to the ideals which they profess. Take for example one of the latest claims by one of their panelists  - Sunny Hostin. Let me tell you, I think the sun shines at best only very dimly on Sunny when it comes to intelligence & knowledge. I truly have to ask: Is the show and the things the hosts talk about and what they actually say and believe all totally scripted? 
I mean really now, can anyone be so ignorant of things that have been in the news lately and that have been going on for eons. At least two of three and maybe also the third one, that Sunny commented on (earthquakes, eclipses and cicada breeding cycles) have been taking place for longer than mankind has walked the earth without any connection to the liberal mindset and agenda, well maybe until now as per Sunny. Can anyone else on the face of the planet be stupid enough to have been brainwashed by the likes of  politicians like Biden, Harris and Kerry and by an activist by who, in my opinion, is by way of her seemingly hissy fit performances nothing more, at least in my opinion, than a spoiled brat of a prissy twit - and yes I mean Greta Thunberg - to actually suggest that these naturally occurring phenomenon are somehow related to climate change. I ask because that is most certainly, as I understood it, what Sunny appeared to try blame on climate change (the term the libs changed to when global warming was questioned). 
I think it was one of the most idiotic statements I have heard in relation to both nature & so called climate change; I think little angry Greta may have nothing on Sunny when it comes to emotional & ignorant drivel. In brief, Miss Hostin reportedly said that the anticipated concurrent hatch & breeding cycles of two species of cicadas, the eclipse of April 8th and recent earthquake(s) are somehow related to climate change in a cause and effect manner, at least if I understood her correctly. It seems her co-hosts believed likewise. Please go to the source to read and hear more about it. The thing is, I would bet that almost 100% of their viewership would have believed that such a cause and effect condition existed, between climate change and those three events, if only another two of the show's hosts had not debunked Sunny's idea. Another thing is, how bad is it when what I and many see as your loony leftist co-hosts are the ones to put down your even loonier & further far left statements! 
Honestly folks I cannot understand how over two million people watched said show this past January. I think they would have viewed a more intelligent show and possibly learned something real had they just watched Gilligan's Island reruns. News articles that I have read about the claims they make on The View truly scare me in as much as so many people who vote are apparently ignorant enough and evidently gullible enough to swallow every word they say hook, line & sinker. Of course there is hope because while the January ratings are the highest for The View in two years, they are nowhere nearly as high as the all time viewership in a single month nor even close to their average rating of 3.5 million viewers per show in their tenth season (more at the source). As they are now in their 27th season (same source as the last one) one can see that the amount of monthly viewers has dropped remarkably. My guess is that it picked up in January only because we have entered the election year which I figure just probably means more kooks have crawled out from under the stairs to watch them. I have high hopes though that the seeming downward trend, over all since their highest rating in November 2008, means that more and more so called woke liberal leftists of the Democrat party are actually waking up to what seems to me (an independent voter not affiliated with any political party) to be the apparent reality that: The Democrat party and all those who fervently & unquestionably support it and their goals are totally out of their minds; and thus the folks who have awakened need to support Donald J. Trump in this years election.

All the best,
Glenn B