Saturday, June 21, 2014

At Least 86,000 Arsehats All On Facebook

I have what I believe is definitive (or at least apparent to me) proof that there are a minimum of 86,000 totally idiotic arsehats who use


What is wrong with people today? I just don't get how they can be so enamored by something and someone of that alleged caliber.

All the best,
Glenn B

Mystery Mail

Today, I got an envelope in the mail with no return address but opened it anyway; I hope it was not impregnated with ricin. The envelope contained an article, from the Financial News,  "Retirement Secrets of How To Avoid Being Forced To Work FOREVER Because Of The Economic Meltdown". There was a yellow Post-It note attached, signed with only what looked like the letter J. I have no clue who sent it to me but to that person go my thanks.

I will read it tonight or tomorrow. As far as work goes, I sure could use a job right now. I put in for another 5 of them today, probably 15 to 20 of them this week. I need the cash and I could use something to keep me a bit busy where I am not spending but earning.

All the best,