Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Plot Thickens and The 12 Monkeys Are Howling

I, and plenty of other folks, surmised early on that the Novel  Corona Virus, later and currently called COVID-19 (and let's not forget the China Virus) might have been created in the lab - a chemical warfare lab. Seems such may have been the case but only time and upcoming reports may shed some light on that. A doctor who fled China after the outbreak is reportedly claiming that the virus was man-made in a lab in or near Wuhan. (Source.) She also allegedly says the first report about it will be out in several days; my bet is she will disappear before then - permanently - although, I'd hope not. I at least want to read the anticipated follow-up report as well as the first one. If she is proven right, our government should pay whatever it takes to safeguard her in luxury. 

Then prepare for the worst, because sooner of later and it's going to happen much sooner than it was 10 or 20 years ago - the Chinese will start WWIII. We will be their main target and Russia quite likely as their main ally. As for any countries in Western Europe except maybe for GB - my guess is it will be 60-40 in favor of most Western Euro nations siding with the red commies or claiming neutrality. Breath deep the gathering gloom, get filled up by the smell of it and get riled by that smell, riled enough to prepare for TWEOTAWKI. This senior citizens wishes he is wrong but prudence and history tell me otherwise. They have been planning it for years and have ramped up hostility considerably lately.

All the best,
Glenn B