Friday, February 23, 2018

Some Purdy Good Shootin'

It's nice to know I did something right and nicer yet to have the proof shown to me by the one I did right by.

Just as with my Beretta 92 series pistols, the M9A3 is dead-on-balls accurate.
And, you can believe Ballseye, when I say, that's purdy accurate shooting.

Brendan is not a bad shot at all. By the way, to say "not bad at all" about anything is a Ballseye compliment of the highest magnitude. All the shots were from close in distance. As he put it: "That was 5 yards as quick as I got a sight picture I pulled the trigger. So not exactly rapid fire but it was quick". Nope, not bad at all especially considering he and the pistol are new to one another. I don't know how many shots he put into the pictured target but, in all, he put 400 rounds through the Beretta that day. He continues to make his papa, or as he sometimes puts it "his pop", quite proud.

Now to get him to point shoot at that distance and thus shoot a lot quicker with the same accuracy or close to it. Note, I am not for a moment recommending that anyone only point shoot at 5 yards. Even though it is fairly close, under many if not most circumstances, your shots need to be aimed using the sights at that distance but you still should be able to point shoot at 5 yards. So, you need to practice both. Anyway, as I said, I am proud of him.

All the best,
Glenn B