Tuesday, November 12, 2019

I Found An Intruder In My Apartment...

...two days ago. Actually Skye, my mongrel, found him and she was trying to catch it when I noticed it. After a bit of a chase by both of us, I was able to grab hold of it and prevent Skye from catching and gobbling it down. Then the ungrateful bastard turned around and chomped down on my finger. As you can see, it refused to let go.

 Hell, it even held on when I opened the patio door and placed my afflicted finger next to a bush. After maybe 30 seconds outside though, it got the idea, released its grip and scampered off.

Cold enough to freeze the morning dew, what a temperature drop.
The funny thing is, last night, I found him again (and yes this time I saw him first) as he scampered into my living room from the kitchen. At first, I tried to catch it again but after almost knocking a bunch of stuff off of my work table, I figured what the heck, I'd let it stay. Hopefully Skye won't spot it, chase it, grab it and devour it. If that does not happen, the eating of the anole that is, then I will have done the little bugger a big favor because while it was in the low to mid sixties here yesterday morning, it was 24 degrees Fahrenheit when Skye and I went for our morning walk today at about 0730. (How I wish that was our regular walk time, she usually has me up at o600 give or take 15 minutes or so and this morning she got me up at 4 so she could go out to pee. but at least she wakes me instead of dousing the carpet.)

Anyway, the anole stands a decent chance at surviving now that it is inside - that is if Skye does not catch it. I have to wonder how it got inside in the first place. It is the fifth time I've found a lizard in the apartment; the first three times they were small geckos and the last two they were anoles. Add to that the five or six wasps I have found in here and the conclusion is there is an easy way in for them somewhere. I figure under my front door that is somewhat rotted at the bottom, in through the a/c vent or in through the dryer vent. of course, they could come in when I sometimes leave my back door open for fresh air or maybe even just when I open and close either the front or back doors when coming and going. At least I will not have to worry about bugs for now; anyway, it's more than  likely the anole will starve as I have not seen any bugs except those wasps, a few ants now and then and two roaches (big ones) when I first moved in. That is, it may starve unless I can catch the little booger. if I catch it, I will set up a temporary terrarium for it and take care of it over the winter. Some crickets and wax worms now and then from a local pet shop will do it just fine.

All the best,
Glenn B