Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It Could Always Be Worse

Although maybe not much worse than that red headed disaster zone.

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I Thought Religious Beliefs Were Frowned On In Schools...

...but apparently a belief in Hell is okay as long as it is Donald Trump who is suffering there. Imagine that this happened with Obama, the media would be going bat shit crazy over it for a month. More here.

I would be that if school security videos were watched, we would see teachers writing some of those comments on those pictures of The Donald.

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The Gun Show Haul

My son went to a gun show this past weekend, somewhere down IN AR. He didn't buy any guns but did pick up a few other things, a nice little haul if you ask me:

He spent a lot of yesterday trying to clean out the drum magazine of whatever they had coated it. We had thought it was Cosmoline but  am now doubtful because putting it into an oven at up to 210 degrees for well over a half hour did not have any of it met off. He wound up putting it in a broiler pan full of boiling water with some Dawn dishwashing detergent added and said that did the trick. Then rinsed it, patted it dry as he could do and put it back in the oven to dry quickly and completely.

He said it holds 75 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammo and is for his AK. I am thinking he is going to have a lot of fun at the range with it - that is if it is not a pain in the arse to reload. As for the other things in the pic, the mag is for his Glock 43 along with the Pearce extension for it. At first I thought the two jars were moonshine but closer examination showed them to be otherwise. Had me thinking that AR had some really excellent rules about gun shows for a moment there. Knife looks cool, don't know if it is practical. I am guessing the blade is obsidian.

All in all he did well. Now that he is in a much freer state than NY, buy what gun accessories he wants and he can enjoy shooting the way one should be able to enjoy it. Makes me just a wee bit envious.

All the best,
Glenn B