Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Someone Pushed The Wrong Button!

An investigative report, dated, dated August 27, 2018, by NPR on the number of school shootings, as reported by the U.S. Department of Education for schools in the USA, is eye opening. Public schools in the US are now required to fill out an annual questionnaire in which there is at least one question about school shootings:

"The Civil Rights Data Collection for 2018 required every public school — more than 96,000 — to answer questions on a wide range of issues.

It asked what sounded like a simple question:

In the 2015-2016 school year, "Has there been at least one incident at your school that involved a shooting (regardless of whether anyone was hurt)?"" (source)

Out of 240 reported shooting incidents, for 2015-2016, at schools throughout the USA - NPR was able to confirm only 11 that actually took place. During their investigation, NPR was able to determine that 161 of the reported shootings either never took place or could not be confirmed!

Furthermore, the ACLU (another stalwart of liberalism) came out with its own findings:

"A separate investigation by the ACLU of Southern California also was able to confirm fewer than a dozen of the incidents in the government's report, while 59 percent were confirmed errors."

So why the over reporting of school shootings. Was it due to computer error, misunderstanding of the question, or maybe to overzealous educators with an anti-gun agenda trying to promote anti-gun sentiment? In today's day and age that  last one would be a distinct possibility or was it due to something else. In most cases we may never know what was the cause of the over reporting of school shootings because most school administrators said they did not have a clue as to why that happened. In the Ventura Unified School District in CA, an administrator there laid blame like this:

"I think someone pushed the wrong button," said Jeff Davis, an assistant superintendent there. The outgoing superintendent, Joe Richards, "has been here for almost 30 years and he doesn't remember any shooting," Davis added. "We are in this weird vortex of what's on this screen and what reality is." (source)

Pushed the wrong button - is that the best that a person qualified (hopefully he is so qualified) to be an assistant school superintendent could come up with? Is there some reason he would not say, give me a while to check into this and let me see if I can discover the cause? Instead of doing the intelligent thing, this so called educator simply decides it must just have been that the wrong button was pushed! 

There were 26 shootings reported in that school district and the outgoing superintendent cannot recall any of them. Was the wrong button then pushed 26 times or was it actually part of the agenda of anti-gun leftist school officials! It has become an everyday occurrence for leftists to push their agendas by way of false reporting, I suspect that such may have been the cause in this case. My bet though is that it will never be looked into deeply enough to determine the cause of all the misleading statistics that led to such an inflated amount of school shootings having been reported.

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