Saturday, March 19, 2022

Get Your Pet Supplies While You Can Afford Them

Recently I was at my local Walmart where I usually buy my dog's canned and dry food and sometimes get her some treats. My local Walmart has been out of about half of their usual stock of such items by my estimation. I also buy dog supplies consisting of food, treats & medications from a few other places, one of then being (pretty good online pet product supplier). I get tortoise supplies from them too. 
Back on February 1, 2022, just around 6 1/2 weeks ago, I placed an order with Chewy for some supplies for my dog and my tortoise. One of the things I ordered was a 16 ounce bag of Cadet Real Beef Bully Dog Treats (Bull Pizzle) @ $37.40. (Walmart usually has in store 5 ounce bags at around $17.00 so $37.40 for a 16 ounce bag is a deal but that is one of the items they have not had during my last several trips there.) 
I was about to order another bag tonight, from Chewy, of the 16 ounce size until I saw the current price. I was astounded to see the new price, as I wrote this blog-post, it was $59.90 for the exact same thing in the exact same amount that I purchased as recently as February for only $37.40. That is a price increase of $22.50 in about a month and a half; in other calculations - that is an increase of slightly over 60%. Wow talk about mega-inflation! And it is not like the item is imported - it is made in the USA.
Some other things I have ordered, both for my mongrel and for my tortoises have not gone up in price since my last orders of them, in fact some things have gone down a bit. So why the bully sticks cost so much now is a mystery. I am hopeful that is a misprint and that the price is much closer to what I paid in February.
The thing is, if you own pets, you may want to pay close attention to the price of pet supplies and stocks.
All the best,
Glenn B

Just Read An Interesting Piece In The Atlantic

 Read it here: 
There is some good advice in that article for those countries not yet, but maybe soon to be, in the predicament that has befallen Ukraine. The leaders in those other countries really should be considering: arming the citizenry with small arms, training them in the basics to fight by way of guerilla tactics, putting up barriers to defeat the movement of vehicles - even the movement of tanks (reinforced concrete is relatively cheap and fast to work with). Really, some simple tactics, like the one of:  trailing a tanks, then waiting for the tank to stop, then waiting for its men get out, then waiting for them to take a break to smoke or eat or pee and only then opening fire on them could do a lot to give guerilla fighters a bit of an edge. I am sure there are many other basic tactics that could be taught within a couple of weeks to prepare a civilian guerilla force.
Do you think the governments of those countries - that would be next to be attacked by Russia if the Russians try to overtake those others - will be ready? I tend to doubt they will take the advice in that article but who knows, maybe the heads of one or two of those nations will be ready. My bet is Poland might be one of them - I think the Poles most of all may be just a bit sour to the thought of Poland being under the Russian boot again.
No, I am not a regular reader of the once upon a time fairly non-partisan Atlantic which I am afraid has morphed into a three-headed ultra-leftist beast. Sometimes though, even the lefties get it right - so to speak and I think this article does just that - gets it right. Anyway, a friend of mine sent me the link to that piece. A hat tip to Charlie F. (no leftist is he) for making me aware of that article.
All the best,
Glenn B