Monday, March 11, 2024

New Toys

I got me some new toys, well not yet delivered but already paid for. The first is a Keystone Sporting Arms Mini Mil-Surp Replica Rifle the KSA 91-30. It is the first in a series of mini mil-surp firearms to be produced by KSA; more on them at the source (you need to scroll down more than half way to read a description of it). The ones they plan to produce are: Mini Mosin Nagant 9130, Mini Carbine Mosin M38, Mini Springfield 1903A3 Prototype, Mini Springfield 1903A3, Mosin Nagant Obrez Pistol.

The other firearm on which I had the high bid
is a Henry U.S. Survival rifle; both are from the Hessney Auction Co.. Although they had it listed as a Charter Arms AR7, it is supposedly as new in its box and the box clearly shows it to be a Henry. Time and delivery will tell on this one. I think this one has only one magazine but as luck would have it, I already had two extra magazines for it.

I already have a U.S.Survival rifle, so this latest one will be redundant but more than one is almost always good. They certainly are not the most accurate of rifles but I found that by switching the aperture of the rear sight from the larger to the smaller one fine tunes the accuracy to be acceptable to my satisfaction. I probably could hit a squirrel at 15 to 20 yards, probably even out to 25 yards with my old one but only since I used the smaller rear sight aperture.

I also picked up a couple of knives, an Alpenflage camo outfit, a few books for me and several that my son had me bid on as well as two boxes of American Eagle 5.56x45mm 64 grain tactical tracer cartridges, 20 Rds per box that he had me bid on. The knives look nice, don't know much about them other than how they appear.

For the life of me, I do not understand why they don't wipe down the blades to get rid of the smudges.

As for me bidding on these knives, I liked em, so I bid on them. I may keep em or sell em, will not know until I see em close up.

The only other thing I got that I have not mentioned yet is this:

It is a 12" metal beer tray. I have one other old beer tray from Piels beer. One of these days, if I ever buy a house when & if the market goes down some, I will display them on the walls. I'd like to add Schaefer, Blatz, Miller High Life, and Schmidt's to my collection. Even though I have never enjoyed this particular brand they bring back memories of when tin trays were the norm in my hangouts of old. They create a nice aura of nostalgia, I think and some like this one are quite colorful.

All the best,
Glenn B