Tuesday, September 15, 2020

They're Gone

 My two nicest rifles are gone, sold to folks via GunBroker.com. So, there went my Marlin 1936 - had a decent bid on it today.


I guess it was a couple of weeks or so ago I sold the Browning Lightweight '81 in 30-06 (the buyer was ecstatic with that one). Hopefully the guy with the high bid on the Marlin will like it just as well as the other liked the Browning. I describe them just as they are, maybe even a tad conservatively sometimes, so my buyers will be pleased. I post a lot of clear pictures of each gun I sell too. So far, I have 100% positive feedback at GunBroker. 



While I do not miss the Browning, which was a very nice gun but  not for me, I have to admit I already am suffering from seller's remorse over the Marlin 1936. What a very purdy gun is that one. Oh well, need the cash and while 30-30 Winchester is an okay caliber it is not my preferred caliber for a lever gun; I'll take a rifle in 35 Remington over it any day of the week. If I ever find a model 1936 in as nice a condition as the one I just sold and it's in 35 REM, it probably will be a long term keeper.

All the best,
Glenn B