Monday, December 27, 2010

More on The December 2010 Snowfall

I am going to guess that in my village we got about 14 to 16 inches with drifts piled up to at least 20 inches in places (like outside my side door and on my patio and on my front lawn). Luckily for me, I shoveled last night twice and my front sidewalk only had about 5 inches on it this morning. I figure that last night I got 6 inches cleaned off the first time, 6-8 the second time and then 5 inches more this morning - some of that being snow blown back onto my property by the wind and not just from the snowfall. The winds were pretty strong, I am guessing gusts up to 40 or 45 mph. Right now it is much calmer and it has not been snowing for hours though they say snow showers could be in store this afternoon.

Now that my property is shoveled clean and sprinkled with snow melt (don't want the mailman tripping or slipping), I am soon to be off to retrieve the government car that I left parked in a public parking lot yesterday before the white stuff got too deep to drive safely. Hopefully they have not ticketed it, it is a pay parking lot. Sundays were free so I did not pay yesterday. My daughter thinks they will not ticket anyone for parking there today since you have to have all cars off of the streets or the snow plows but I am none to sure. Thus, we are going to go dig it out soon and I'll drive it home and park it on the street now that the plows have come by.

Oh my achin' back/neck/arms/hips. A warm piece of apple pie might help me feel better. Just may have to show my daughter how I whip one up.

By the way, I know that 14 inches or so of snow is not that much for some places but where I live the average snowfall for the whole year is only 24.5 inches. It was a lot of snow for us and an awful lot for a less than 24 hour storm to dump on us when you consider our average yearly snowfall. Of course, some got hit much worse, they are saying part of northern NJ got 29 inches. If this is due to global warming, I may have to start praying for global cooling but somehow it just wouldn't seem right since it was 23 degrees here when I got out of bed this morning. That by the way is well below average for this area in December.

All the best,