Thursday, August 17, 2006

If we don't take action Asian Union May Spell Disaster for the USA

The following blocked paragraph is from Yahoo News at /s/afp/20060817/bs_afp/

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) - Japanese officials have proposed a sprawling 16-nation free-trade grouping with China, South Korea, Australia, India, New Zealand and the 10-nation Southeast Asian bloc.

Go to the linked site, read the whole article, although you can get a good picture of what is to come from just that first paragraph if this actually goes through.

What I think this all means is that there will be a European Union that has made the European economy stronger in most countries within that union, and an equivalent in Asia that will likely strengthen the economies of many of the nations within that union. That leaves this side of the world including North, Central and South America.

What options does that leave to the United States of America? Of course, the USA could form a wonderful union with all of the nations within North, Central and South Americas. This might be a great boon to the economies of many of the poorer nations involved in such a union; but what would that do for the US economy?

Countries in Europe got to team up with other European nations that had strong economies and that actually were quite productive as far as things like manufacturing and agriculture went. For example Italy gives its European counterparts things like wine, Fiats, and great tourist spots. Switzerland gives them the Alps, skiing, chocolate, clocks and banking. Germany gives them Mercedes Benz, fine Solingen steel, and some of the greatest beer in the world; and the list goes on for other countries in the EU.

In Asia it will be likewise. Japan brings a wealth of manufacturing, the cultured pearl business, fishing fleets, Sony, Toyotas, and aggressive marketing. South Korea gives us Hyundai. Australia gives exports of lamb and other agricultural products, great tourist spots, and a strong military. Chine gives a very strong military, nuclear technology, a wealth of people resources and agriculture. The list also goes on.

In our neck of the woods the USA would be able to give: education (for free to illegal aliens), a wealth of other free services such as health care (to illegal aliens), low or no taxation (for illegal aliens), a wealth of agricultural produce (often given for free or through government subsidies to illegal aliens), manufactured products such as the flags of all South and Central American nations (waved by illegal aliens during protests of tougher Immigration laws), wide open spaces (which are currently being quickly filled in by illegal aliens), constitutional rights (which are being usurped by crooked politicians who favor acceptance of illegal aliens).

What does the USA get in return from its neighbors. If you guessed illegal aliens, well you would only be partly correct. You see we do get agricultural products from Canada to include timber, and food products, and they also give us a better view of Niagara Falls from their side of the border, and from what I understand there is great hunting and fishing to be had north of our border. I don't always agree with Canada's political train of thought, but I like Canada for the most part. Now we turn to Mexico, what do they give to such a Union. Yes you guessed right, their main contribution has and probably would be a mass of illiterate, unskilled people who come to the USA to recolonize it. We currently often refer to the great majority of these folks as illegal aliens. They also give us something else, illegal drugs. Each year millions upon millions of dollars of illegal narcotics are smuggled into the United States from Mexico. These include soft drugs like marijuana; but also include killers like cocaine and heroin. In addition we also wind up getting an overflow of opportunistic thieves and other criminals from Mexico. This is why the auto theft rates along the southern border are historically often sky high. We get much of the same from Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia, Venezuela (which also gives us the threat of being our enemy) and so on. In addition, lest you think I have overlooked them, our neighbors in the Caribbean such as Haiti give us more of much of the same. Of course lest I forget we also get some special things from places like El Salvador such as MS-13, the violent crime gang.

So what can we do to strengthen our future in light of all of this. First of all we can get rid of the illegal aliens who are here sucking us dry. Then we can submit an economic unionization plan to our neighbors to insure they will use their resources to the best of their abilities to foster strong economies. This would include eliminating: drug trafficking, illegal border crossings, sweat shops, and the like. It would also foster instituting: decent wages in said countries, fair labor laws, a decent educational system, and so forth. Can it be done, sure it can. Will it be easy – hell no. Yet countries like Mexico, that actively seek to promote illegal immigration to the USA by the poor of Mexico, is one of the richer nations on this side of the world. They have huge oil reserves, but getting to them through the systemic political corruption in a country where mordida (the small bite, aka: bribery) is a way of life is almost impossible, and certainly not cost effective.

The truth of the matter is that the USA is going to have to depend largely upon itself, as it always has done, to remain a viable economic power in the world of the future. In order to do so we need to manage: our resources carefully. This means not giving them away to tens of millions of illegal aliens. We can continue to welcome legal immigrants tom our shore, but ilegals, let's face it - many of them commited a crime as their first act upon our soil. In addition, we will have to manage our domestic and foreign policies wisely. This means a replacement of most of the politicians on state and federal levels by politicians, whom we vote into office, who truly have the good of this nation as their goal as opposed to having an anti one person outlook. Let’s face it folks, if all the majority of one of our political parties wants to rant on about is how we need to get rid of our current president, well then something is drastically wrong with our politics. First of all, don’t these folks realize that he is out in a couple of years no matter what! So why rant on about getting rid of him? Likewise why does the other side, or at least much of it, feel the need to support him 100% in everything he does?

As I see it, we need to get together on this across party lines. This does not mean we have to all vote for one candidate or for a third party candidate (though that might be a help, that is if there was a really viable third party – which there is not currently). What it does mean is that we, and our current elected leaders, ought to get together to plan a reasonable, well thought out plan, for the economic survival of the United States of America before it is too late and we slide down the slope to becoming a third world nation. I am open to suggestions about how to do so, suggestions that are non-partisan, and logical. My first one was mentioned above, let’s get rid of those, many of whose first act upon our soil was a crime, of course, by whom I mean illegal aliens. Then let’s work onward from there, let's get rid of politicans who drag us into the dirt and replace them with men and women whose only goal is to better the USA; it can only get better for us if we do so.

All the best,
Glenn B

Ballseye's Boomers: Beretta 70S

Aah, my Beretta 70S in .22LR is one of my favorite guns. I bought one back in the early 80s when I was living in El Centro, CA, and working in the Border Patrol in Calexico, CA. It had a minor problem that needed repair, or maybe I sent it in to get a longer barrel fitted to it (that was long ago and I now vaguely remember that it may have been for a barrel fitting and not a problem at all), so I sent it into Beretta. They did what they had to do to it, sent it back to me via UPS, and UPS in their ultimate wisdom left it on my front doorstep because I was not home when they made the delivery. When I got home, the gun was not home anymore. Apparently someone helped themselves to it while it sat there all lonesome and such. Well after me filing a report with UPS, Beretta and the Sheriff's office, I finally got a replacement Beretta shipped to me by Beretta, and paid for by UPS. The one in the picture is that replacement.

I have taken good care of it over the years, and have also had a lot of fun with it. If you ever want o purchase a reliable pistol in .22LR, this is one that you should consider. Of course, they are no longer in production, but they can be found with some fair regularity on sites like I made sure to buy extra magazines for mine, and I am quite happy that I did so. Extra magazines may actually be harder to find than are the pistols nowadays. All in all, one of the best firearms purchaes I have ever made. I can assure you it convinced me that Beretta was a quality firearms manufacturer - as will be evidenced in future postings of Ballseye's Boomers.

This particular pistol has an alloy frame, steel slide, adjustable rear sight, fixed front sight, and holds a magazine with an 8 round capacity. The mag release is on the lower left side of the grip. The action is single action only. Safety is mounted on the left rear of the frame (like a Colt 1911). It can be carried cocked and locked though I recommend against this. I believe it has an inertia firing pin, but do not hold me to that.

Lots of fun to shoot, easy to take care of, and made with the quality control that is a halmark of Beretta.

Safe shooting,
Glenn B

Has New Orleans become a gulag?

The following is a copy of the text I received in an email from the NRA today (I am a life member of the NRA). When I read it I had what Kim du Toit refers to as an RCOB moment; RCOB standing for the Red Curtain of Blood that sometimes descends over one's field of vision in moments of extreme anger. Yes when I read the following I got pretty darned mad at who, in my opinion, are the boobs running New Orleans and the state of Louisiana.

Read it yourself and see what you think, then remember they could just as well have said it was any other part of the Constitution or Bill of Rights that does not apply to the people in NO or LA.

Statement from Chris Cox on NRA'sLawsuit Against the City of New Orleans

Today, in a landmark victory for NRA and law-abiding gun owners, Judge
Carl J. Barbier of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana
denied the City of New Orleans' motion to dismiss NRA's lawsuit against the city
and held that the Second Amendment applies to law-abiding residents in the State
of Louisiana and the City of New Orleans. Straining the bounds of credibility
and reflecting the true sentiment of anti-gunners, the City of New Orleans
contemptuously argued that the Second Amendment does not apply to residents in
the State of Louisiana and the City of New Orleans.

NRA first
filed suit after reports surfaced indicating that, following Hurricane Katrina,
firearms were confiscated from law-abiding New Orleans residents. Former New
Orleans Police Chief Eddie Compass issued orders to confiscate firearms from all
citizens, under a flawed state emergency powers law. With that one order, the
one means of self-protection innocent victims had during a time of widespread
civil disorder was stripped away.

NRA filed suit in federal court
and won a preliminary injunction ending all the illegal gun confiscations. After
the City of New Orleans failed to comply with the court's ruling and dishonestly
claimed that the gun confiscations never occurred, NRA filed a motion for
contempt that included an order directing all seized firearms be returned to
their rightful owners.

After denying the illegal confiscations for
months, on March 15, 2006, Mayor Nagin and the New Orleans Police Department
finally conceded in federal court that the seized firearms were stored in two
trailers. The city then agreed in court to a process by which law-abiding
citizens would be able to file a claim to receive their confiscated firearms.
However, few firearms were returned because the NOPD never notified gun owners
how to claim their guns, and turned many away citing impossible standards for
proof of ownership.

Today's ruling sets the stage for a continued
legal fight in which NRA will be forced to expend additional resources to fight
back the anti-gunner's blatant and shameful attempts to ignore the Second
Amendment. The case will now move to discovery and pre-trial

NRA will keep you informed of future developments
regarding this case.
If you would like to make an online contribution to
support NRA-ILA's efforts in this case, please visit

It was first paragraph alonethat got my blood to the boiling point so much so that it welled up enough within to pour down over my retinas and make me see red. Does the mayor or governor, or the attorneys working for NO or LA (the state) think that they are running a gulag in which their citizens have lost their Constitutional rights? Exactly what is it with them that they would have the unmitigated audacity to contend that the 2nd amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America does not pertain to the people of both New Orleans or LA?

For that alone, I believe, both the mayor and the governor should be impeached, maybe even arrested and tried for anything that would apply. It is coming to the point where there may well be talk of armed insurrections against local or state governments of the same ilk. I do not condone such, but I think I would probably understand why they would take place. It is almost as if we are becoming prisoners in this country, held captive by our politicians, who are acting very much like oppresive tyrants.

All the best,
Glenn B