Friday, July 5, 2013

Today In History 1946 - The Beginning Of It All In Two Pieces

Micheline Bernardini wearing the first bikini,
in 1946. No 'respectable model' would wear it.
So, the 19 year old Micheline, who was nude
dancer, donned it for all to see - much to the
delight of most men since that moment in history.
It was on July 5, 1946, in honor of an atoll bombed by the USA, that a French fashion designer, Louis Reard, introduced to the world one of the best inventions ever. That is at least from a man's point of view - Oo La La! You see, he created the Bikini! Watch the whole video to see a few other things that happened today as well or just skip forward to 28 seconds and watch from there for news about the bikini (and note only one model in the video is wearing his creation - the bikini).

My posthumous thanks to Louis Reard, thank you sir so very, very much for so very, very little!

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