Wednesday, January 31, 2024

What Victim Is This DA Talking About Supporting?

 A 14 year old girl accused a doctor of masturbating while he was seated next to her on a plane back in 2022. She accused him of having his fly open and that he beat it until completion. Apparently shoe told no one on the aircraft, like the flight attendants but told her grandparents (whom she was traveling with) only after they got to the destination airport. He was arrested, charged criminally, indicted and subsequently was found not guilty during a bench trial. It has been reported that the flight attendants and other passengers near him did not notice him doing anything like what the girl had accused him of and one of the passengers included his fiancĂ© who was seated next to him! The girl reportedly said something along the lines of: he had a blanket covering him and was bouncing his leg under it, the blanket slipped down and she saw his open fly and him allegedly doing the inappropriate deed.
This is among things the district attorney (possibly the knucklehead of the year) reportedly said after the trial: 
"Our office will remain steadfast in supporting victims, particularly minor children. It is critical that victims know they can come forward, and they will be heard and be fully supported by our office,” US Attorney Joshua Levy said."
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The problem with that statement is the defendant was found NOT GUILTY - so who was/is the victim!!! If he actually did not masturbate or expose himself or anything illegal amounting to a sexual crime, then it appears to me that she was either sadly and badly mistaken or that maybe for some unknown reason she knowingly filed a false report of a crime. If that was the case, she most definitely was not a victim. Additionally it seems that in fact, merely based upon the not guilty verdict, she was not a victim - at least not of a crime perpetrated by the defendant. The only victim I see here seems to me to be the guy who was accused. So, I must ask what the hell is the DA talking about when saying he "...will remain steadfast in supporting victims, particularly minor children". Where is his support of the man who, as I see it, evidently was wrongly accused but later found NOT GUILTY!!!
This man's life, relationships, career may possibly have been ruined irreparably because of something of which he was accused and for which he was prosecuted, I am guessing possibly by an overzealous prosecutor, but of which he was found not guilty. There can be a lot of long lasting poison in the pen, his whole life may be in shambles because of those unfounded allegations.

Of course, if the guy actually did it well my guess is he will get caught doing it again sooner or later but until that time such happens and he is actually convicted - he did no wrong under the law at least this time around. In my opinion, He needs to file a lawsuit seeking mega bucks but in my opinion mostly as a warning to prevent others from possibly making false allegations and to prevent DA's from filing charges when there seems to be zero reported physical evidence of said sex crime and only what appears to be a she said - he said type of a case.

All the best,
Glenn B