Monday, October 30, 2023

Maybe He Had What Mass Murderers Do Not...

That is before he did anything to hurt others. Maybe, he still had good will toward man (or at least some iota of decent regard for the lives of innocents). Thus, maybe, he decided to end his own life without first harming other people. It's all maybes right now, all conjecture  on my part.
There are many other ways that the man - who was found dead, at an amusement park, possibly by his own hand - could have perished. Suicide seems likely but he may have accidently shot himself or someone else may have killed him.The report says he allegedly was armed with a handgun, a rifle, spare magazines for each and had explosives in his car. More at the source
To me, and I venture it is also likewise for many others, the situation seemingly is one of a tragedy narrowly averted.

In time, I expect there will be some follow-up reporting on the results of the ensuing investigation.
All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Aye Calypso

 I was listening to music on my account this evening, just a little bit ago, when John Denver singing Calypso came on. Wow, did that bring back memories - not only of John Denver and his truly magnificent voice but also of the ship Calypso, her voyages led by undersea adventurer Jacques Cousteau, the crew of the ship and the wondrous things they showed & taught us about the sea and the life both on & within her.

Here are two versions of the song from YouTube - one with video and one with still shots. I liked them both but must say while the video was very nice to watch, it did not have some of the more memorable photographic images that were seen in the one with the still photographs. Don't miss either though - listen to and watch both of them. If you are close to my age - you probably will be filled with some fine memories of Jacques Cousteau, Calypso, her crew and the voyages and adventures they shared with us on television in the show The Undersea World Of Jacques Cousteau. Those memories are something that later generations probably have never even imagined. There may be much better underwater photography & videography since but the voyages & adventures of Calypso as recorded by Cousteau & his crew were something unique and were absolutely firsts in their field when we got to see them back then; they truly were pioneers of exploring the briny deep. And bear in mind you get to watch these two YouTube nuggets while listening to the truly amazing voice of John Denver singing the praises of Calypso & her crew.

Hope you enjoyed them, I certainly did so!
All the best, 
Glenn B

Maine, The Slaughter In

Lewiston today was horrendous to say the least. If somehow you have not heard about it yet, there is much more at the source
Other than offering my heartfelt condolences to the families, loved ones, friends of the deceased and hoping that the wounded living make full recoveries sooner than later all the more that I can say at this point is: I hope they definitely identify & catch the bastard who did it, that they take him alive but only after he resists first and they (as in law enforcement officers) legally shoot him at least several times. Then, he can rot in jail or a mental institution (if he truly is mentally ill as some very early reporting stated may be the case). Evil incarnate is what I think of the person who committed these unfathomable acts of murderous slaying.
All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, October 20, 2023

Is The Biden Administration Totally Crazy?

Do not answer that question, there is no need to do so for me because I firmly believe they are out of their minds. First our brain deficient president arranges for 6 billion dollars to be released to Iran supposedly for humanitarian aid. His proponents all argue that was great because the money can only be used for things like infrastructure. Apparently, they do not understand what it means for funds to be fungible. In other words, now that they got that 6 billion because of Biden, they can use another 6 billion (that they had already) to fund terrorism because they do not need it for infrastructure since they got the humanitarian funds only money from Biden. 

Then what does he say he's going to do, maybe has already done it: He said he is going to give 100 million dollars to Gaza - aka: Hamas. Does he think even for a moment that it will go to fund humanitarian needs! Yeah - maybe pennies on each dollar may go to helping people but most assuredly - I believe -  the great deal will go to fund Hamas terrorists.
He has been fanning the flames of war by making our enemies stronger. Thus a war waged against us would be waged by our enemies made stronger by Biden. In fact, our Islamic enemies (Iran, Hamas Hezbollah, the Houthis and so on) have three major goals - two are to be accomplished before the third. The first is the destruction of Israel & annihilation of all Jews. The second is to destroy the United States of America and they probably have enough potential terrorists here to at least start the job after Biden left our borders wide open for so long. The third is to either convert all people of the world to Islam and if they choose not to convert - then to kill them so only Islamists will be left. Of course then there yet may be a fourth goal, one sect of Islam or another to wipe out any opposing sects of Islam. They hate one another almost as much as they hate Jews and the freedoms of the USA.

As if those things were not enough to invite potential disaster, Biden has now done something that may actually lead to WW III if the above somehow is not enough. He ordered a nuclear test in Nevada and it was carried out. That after Vladimir Putin threatened to negate a non-nuclear testing agreement - the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. More at these sources:
Now, it may be that the type of test that was run did not violate the agreement but it almost definitely was a nuclear knee-jerk reaction to what Putin said about negating the agreement. It is also the kind of reaction that very likely has caused the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, Pakistan and India (not necessarily our ally) to take notice in a big way and to raise their 'defensive' postures to ones that are much closer to leading to a nuclear confrontation. 
Does Biden think he is akin to John F. Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis and that the world sees him as a strong (yet foolishly hawkish) leader as was JFK? (JFK was a foolish arsehat who gambled on nuclear destruction with the USSR and could have just as easily had his bet called and raised by the Soviets but luckily they backed down although JFK made concessions as well.) I truth I think, the rest of the world sees Biden much the same as conservatives in the USA see Biden & his administration - that being in a much more realistic way than Biden or his flunkies see themselves. Meaning of course that world leaders probably see him and his admin as an angry, confused & dithering bunch of incompetents.

If there is truly a God in heaven, I truly hope he has mercy on the human race.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

So I Was Seeking Slang Synonyms For The Word... (adult content - kind of, sort of, just about)

...pussy. The results page contained a link to the Urban Thesaurus page with synonyms for the word 'vagina'. Well let me tell you, there are scores more synonyms for the word vagina than have ever flitted through my imagination even when my little gray cells were working on testosterone driven overdrive. If you'd like to see all of them, click on this link:  

The two slang words that I could think of which were not on that list - at least I did not see them while perusing it - were:
Bearded Clam and Fur-Burger.
Oh well, I learned something new anyway at least when it comes to plenty of the slang terms for the word vagina!

All the best,
Glenn B


Tuesday, October 17, 2023

The Sacrificial President

I guess the dems will do anything to try to win the election in 2024, including hoping/trying to make Biden look like a hero by getting him killed off in a war zone thus getti ng sympathy votes for whichever candidate would replace him. Why else on earth would they otherwise announce beforehand his traveling into a war zone. More at the source
Then again, maybe they just are that stupid tonot know better.
All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, October 9, 2023

Some Dude On Instagram Asked Alexa...

 ...when WW III would begin. Alexa answered (and mind you it could have been real but more likely was just a hoax - as I expect). Alexa's answer was that WW III will commence on March 1, 2024 when Chinese nationals already within the country begin hostilities against the United States. Alexa (or the hoaxed Alexa) further stated that the Chinese will then invade the west coast of the USA and the Russians will invade the east coast and I think (as best I recall) it added it will wind up in the destruction of the USA as we know it. Who knows, even if it was a hoax, it may not be far from what may happen with all the crap going on today. 
Of course, if you go to YouTube, Alexa supposedly says that WW III will start much sooner, like next month, when Russia attacks Germany. Maybe Alexa got updated intel since I saw the Instagram video clip! Now Russia attacking the Fatherland seems almost as far fetched as a three pronged attack on the USA but only almost.

All the best,
Glenn B

Hamas Threatens To Kill Israeli Hostages

 Hamas has reportedly threatened to start killing Israeli hostages and to broadcast the murderous executions if Israel continues air strikes on Gaza. More at the source. I have a solution - a massive armed Israeli ground and sea invasion of Gaza. 
 Hamas threatens to begin broadcasting executions of Israeli hostages
The thing is if an invasion commences, the Hamas types seen in the above photo fairly soon would likely get rid of their military type garb and very quickly start wearing burkas. That way they can hide while pretending they are women and not the big brave bad asses they usually pretend to be. As seen in the photo, they are already too afraid to show their faces.
All the best,
Glenn B

Biden Should Be Ousted By Whatever Legal Means And Sooner Would be Better Than Later

I will say a little about him but truth be told I don't have a lot to say.  Why not? Because it needs little more be said than what has already been written or talked about when it comes to the absolute worst president in U.S. history. He is a bigot, he is a racist, he is apparently a pervert, he is a compulsive liar, he is an egomaniac, he has temper problems, he is probably suffering from dementia and badly at that, he has destroyed the prosperity we had under president Trump (regardless of politics - that is the truth), he does not support the U.S. Constitution, he has said and done some of the most idiotic things imaginable: for one saying that the female impersonators he hosted at the White House were the bravest people ever (fuck his traitorous disregard for our military and disregard for the likes of those who ran into the WTC  to try to save lives on 9/11 but lost their own. Add to that his doing what he did in freeing up 6 billion dollars for the Iranians - all fungible - which allowed them to use other funds to finance the Hamas missile & terrorist forces attacks on Israel; it is no coincidence he just released those billions to them and now the attacks on Israel are supported by them according to Hamas. I could go on and on and on about what he has done wrong but there is little to zero that he has done right so I've got nothing there.
Of course he is not solely responsible. His handlers are probably the ones in power behind the scenes and let's face it - he works at their command and has said it himself at least a few times. If he wanted to get it right, he had the chance and will likely have it again. The next time the Iranian Parliament meets, all he needs to do is put about five cruise missiles into the building, those or a MOAB or two. I say nuke em til they glow but I truly abhor nuclear weapons because, if they are used by one nation ever again, my guess is that will be the beginning of the end of us all (meaning humanity) as other nations indubitably would be sure to follow suit.
All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, October 2, 2023

Been Busy Doing Almost Nothing But Getting Stuff Done Anyhow

Life lately has been much of the same old thing sandwich, another day - another bite of a somewhat shitty sandwich. Actually, it has been better than that at least a bit it seems. Then again, some things have been very stinky lately. First off, I just registered my car in AR this past week. That was not so bad. I had to get my car assessed for an annual tax on vehicles, boats and such. Luckily, I owed nothing, I think because when I paid it, it was before my last registration expired and the payment made before a year was up since my last payment. They will nail me next year, that is if I still live in AR. Time will tell.
Then there was my 9K+ credit card debt really that knocked me for a loop. I paid off everything today, including charges that are due next month, minus a few small pending charges on one of the two accounts I use regularly. The reason for the very big balances were: a 2.2K+ firearms auction charge, a 2.5K insurance charge for both auto & renter's insurance, and about $1.5K for ammo. Even with all that taken out of consideration there would still be a bit over 3K owed. Even that smaller amount is too much for me; I much hope my cc balances will add up to no more than 2K per month and 1.5K is much more preferable. I do all of my shopping with my cards though; those Hilton Honors hotel points and Amazon Prime points come in handy. You don't get points when you pay with cash and I  hardly ever get charged interest on my card balances because I pay them off in full each month.
Getting away from my financial spending sprees, not much else has been going on that irks me. I had a nice day on Saturday as I left the mongrel hone and drove over to Hot Springs, AR to meet my son at a gun show. His buddy Joseph was there with him when I arrived; Joseph's wife Tina was a no show as was Brendan's girlfriend Nikki. Now, while meeting my son and his pal was nice, I have to say the gun show was hottendous (not a misspelling). That was not so much because it was a smaller one, nor that the prices on almost everything were sky high. One jerk was asking for $80.00 per brick of Federal 22 LR and it was nothing special. That dealer needs to come back to reality and back down to earth with his pricing - let's face it this is not the height of COVID-19 madness nor did Biden get elected yesterday. I can buy the same or very similar ammo online at $35.00 per brick. The reason the show was hottendous was because the show was held inside a metal building at the county fairgrounds and that building had no air-conditioning. Damn it, it was hot in there.
I like the particular gun show promoters who ran that show but I must say, I will never attend one of their shows again at the same fairgrounds unless it is on a cool or even cold day. Man oh man - it was miserable in there. Some of the dealers who were just sitting at their tables were soaked with perspiration sweat. I suggested to a few of them that they should ask for a refund of their table fees. Two gents, from whom I bought a box of ammo, packed up their good and left the show shortly after my purchase and there were at least 3 hours to go of showtime and all of the next days time as well.
I walked around the show a few times, as I said it was small. My son pointed out a box of Remington Core-Lokt 30-06, 150 grain ammo for sale at only $25.00. The lowest price I found online for the same stuff was $20.00 on but that had a very high shipping price and would also be charged sales tax. So the price of the one at the show was not bad and I bought it. Now, I also paid $8.00 to get into the show and used up over half a tank of gas which made it a very expensive box of ammo indeed if that had been the only reason I filled my tank. Of course, the gas expense was worth seeing my boy and the entry fee was part of attending a gun show, so the ammo was a good deal. Other vendors had plenty of $30-06, the least expensive being $35.00 per box. 
Somehow Brendan had thought, when I showed it to him after I bought it, that I had  purchased it for him. Ha-ha-hearty-ha-ha as Ralph Kramden would have said! Heck, I had a hundred rounds of 180 grain federal 30-06 in my trunk for him already that I had brought from home (halft of a case of it I had picked up in the 1.5K worth of ammo sales I mentioned above). He even asked me the next day if it had been for him but I told him he was out of luck. He is happy with and thankful for the Federal ammo, I am sure (especially since he told me so).
One day soon, I'll be going into the hospital for an overnight. Nothing to worry about, just a sleep study to check on my sleep apnea and to give me recommendations for a treatment for it. I am hopeful there are other things than CPAP; I have both CPAP and BiPAP machines and cannot use them due to everlasting complications from radiation treatments back in 2011.
No need for me to comment on politics or the economy in this post - let's face it you and I know both suck. One interesting thing of note, that I saw in Instagram, was a short video clip in which a guy asked Alexa when WW III would start. Alexa, or a faked Alexa, replied that WW III would commence on March 1, 2024 with Chinese nationals already within the USA commencing hostilities. That is to be concurrent with the Chinese military forces invading the west coast of the United States and Russian military forces invading the east coast. Who knows! I doubt Russia will be invading anywhere as busy as they seem to be in the Ukraine but it would not surprise me much if China would invade our country. They have been preparing for it for many decades. If they do, maybe they can get Russia to do it as well. Keep yer powder dry.
All the best,
Glenn B