Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th - Ammo Poll About To Close

The ammo poll, on the right side of my blog, at the top of the red zone, is going to expire sometime today and it only has gotten 9 measly votes so far (changed from 8 to 9 as I was writing). It seems I am not cut out to be a pollster.

Regardless of my calling in life, this poll does have 9 replies so far and those favor the 4th and last poll choice over the only other one with votes, so far, by only one vote.

As it stands right now, in answer to the poll question: Will you shoot more and/or stock up on more ammo if ammunition prices fall?,choice 4:
I can always use another couple or few cases of each caliber I have so I'll be ready to survive the Apocalypse, TEOTWAWKI, a Zombie horde, or another 4 years of Obama. beating out choice 1:
I'll be buying lots more ammo and throwing lead downrange faster than the Lone Ranger could say "Hi-yo Silver - Away". only a single vote. Choices 2 and 3 have zero votes. And who says that his or her votes don't count! If you want to take a shot at this poll, I think Iset it to run until 11:59 PM tonight (not sure if that is east or west coast time but since the poll shows 15 hours left, as i write this, I am assuming it is west coast time).
All the best,
Glenn B

I Wish You A Happy Independence Day...

...but this year with a limitation. I limit my wish to those who strive to be independent from tyranny on all levels, who cherish their rights and who seek every liberty to exercise those rights while allowing others to do likewise. Screw guys like the barber who cut my hair yesterday who seemingly do not see it the same way.

Our conversation started with the usual greetings. Then I happened to mention that time has flown since my last haircut in December, when I got a buzz cut back (from him) when I had cancer (took a long time to grow enough for me to need a haircut), and I almost could not believe that July 4th was upon us. He said he remembered me being sick and when I told him I was now better, he wished me well. The conversation was a normal one for the barber shop.

All of a sudden though, it got a little warm in the barber chair when, I said it must be a sign of a bad economy that almost no one had been setting off fireworks over the past few days, as is normally done in anticipation of the 4th. Man did he get miffed, and told me he hates the 4th of July. I tried to suggest that the rockets and other nicely colored ones were nice, figuring he only did not like the loud ones. It only got him madder and he muttered something about his asshole neighbor (his sentiment, not mine, about his neighbor) He seemed pretty upset. I was pretty surprised that my barber would react like that but I figured, in for a penny in for a greenback, and I remarked that the founding fathers, such as Franklin, would shoot off guns on the 4th and that they hoped others always pretty much would do the same. Somewhere in there, the barber commented, through gritted teeth, that fireworks are only always about others people's liberties and he hates fireworks and the 4th. He also said something to the effect of, they're  all dead now but he wished some of the founding fathers were around today so he could kick their asses. Yikes, he was holding the scissors any my pistol was at home because after the barber I was going to go to my new job which I was pretty certain did not allow firearms on the premises. I was a bit shocked by his response to my seasonal conversation and I must say, it is none to easy to shock me. Maybe I should say it was not him or his reply that shocked me that much but what was shocking to me was my minds image of my barber marching with Occupy Wall Street. That was the image that popped up in my head right about then. 

Jerks like that (I refer to the barber, not the founding fathers) may not deserve what this country has to offer and certainly do not deserve my business or my hard earned cash. He evidently was pissed off for the duration of the rest of my haircut , anyway he put on a sour face for the rest of my time in the chair. Maybe he was just having a bad day or something but maybe he just swings lefty. He even seemed to get angrier when I said I did not want my beard trimmed. (I had just done that myself, down to almost nothing, so why trim it more.) Then he then insisted that clean shaved is the only way I should go. I started to get the impression that he really does not like liberty at all, I mean with with him going as far as angrily dictating my personal appearance to me. Maybe this was a different barber than the one I had know before but he sure looked like the same guy. I guess, I had hit a nerve.

Had it been another situation in which I found myself, I would have walked out and not paid but I was not about to leave with only half my head's worth of hair cut and with me needing to be on the new job in about an hour. So, I shut up and let him cut. He evidently got the message because he shut up too, that was a joy for me. I just sat there hoping he would get it done fast. He did do it quickly, much faster than ever before. I had enough time though to truly sit back and enjoy the beet red look on his face and all over his bald dome. It reminded me much of my plans for tonight as I enjoy watching the rockets' red glare and the cherry bombs bursting in air. While I got to see the colorful fireworks of his anger, I can assure you he will not see me nor the color of my money, not in his barber shop, ever again.

I truly despise sentiments like his seemed to be, especially when they appear to be anti-American. I say 'seemed to be because', as I said above, maybe he was having a bad day. The thing is though, it came out as anti-American as far as I am concerned. Sure, America allows for freedom of speech and all that, but I too am at liberty as to whom I listen. When in the chair, in the future, it will not be him. You see Mr. Barber, it is not all about everyone else's liberty. You were at liberty to moth off in a vulgar manner and to cause the loss to you of me as a customer and you did just that. I am at liberty to choose another barber, one I am hoping will choose, by way of his liberty, to be a bit more patriotic and at least a bit more respectful toward his customers. It is, after all, liberty for all.

As for the fireworks thing: I think that if you do not like fireworks, if they disturb you that much, then wear friggin ear plugs, or go away to Canada for the day, or bury your head up your asshole where it belongs, or just grin and bear it for a single day of each year. Fireworks on the 4th are part of our heritage and the 4th is the single day each year that we celebrate our Independence from tyranny. Is it too much to ask that we be at liberty to do it the way we choose and the way our forefathers had hoped we would do so!

Just a little tip for my Barber, before I close. If a customer brings up a topic that gets you pissed off, or one that otherwise is not your cup of tea (reference to the tyrannical English fully intended), why not wisely do what a good friend of mine once told me to do. Just ask: "How about them Yankees". It just may help you keep your customer base.

For those of you, who have not forgotten the significance of July 4th, who revel it the glory of it and what it has meant for our country,and who celebrate it (with or without fireworks or other boomers) I wish you a safe, happy, and healthy Independence Day.

All the best,
Glenn B