Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chicago Students Are out of Control Despite Gun Control

How many times does it need to be shown that strict gun control measures do little maybe even nothing to stem violent crime and homicide. As a matter of fact, if you look to find an example of one of the strictest jurisdictions in this country when it comes to bans of guns, gun licensing, gun control and the like, you invariably think of Chicago. Yet, Chicago has one of the most terrible records in our nation when it comes to firearms being used in the commission of violent crimes especially as related to school violence. This from

"Before 2006, an average of 10-15 students were fatally shot each year. That climbed to 24 fatal shootings in the 2006-07 school year, 23 deaths and 211 shootings in the 2007-08 school year and 34 deaths and 290 shootings last school year."

Why is it that this is happening? Bear in mind the above quote is only talking about gun violence in particular. There are plenty of other forms of violence taking place in the school system in Chicago and much more violence taking place in general in Chicago. Chicago is one of the most crime ridden areas of all sorts in our nation:

"With a crime rate of 61 per one thousand residents, Chicago has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes - from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One's chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 16. Within Illinois, more than 90% of the communities have a lower crime rate than Chicago." (2)

I again ask: Why is this happening?

It is not happening because there are guns in Chicago. Guns are not the cause of the violence only a tool being misused in order to achieve a criminal goal. In the most recent episode of school violence resulting in death in Chicago, a student apparently was beaten to death with wood beams. It is not the weapon that matters, it is the reason that these heinous crimes are being committed that matters and no matter how hard leftists want to say that guns are the reason they are plain out wrong. The truth be told there is and has been a breakdown of the moral fiber of this country going on for many decades. The breakdown has been fostered by the left time and time again. Those on the right are also responsible but nowhere near as much as they who keep insisting: that crimes not be punished with long prison sentences or the death penalty, that victims of crimes often asked for the crime (such as a rape victim having worn a mini-skirt being an invitation to a rapist), that religion and spiritualism need to be pushed out of society, that everyone should pass in school whether or not they actually did the work to accomplish a passing grade, that everyone is entitled to health care, that everyone is entitled to a good paying job, that everyone is entitled to have someone else pay their way if they do not want to become educated - work - get a job and be a supportive member of our nation, that they are the victims of imaginary hatred, that we must all be more tolerant of they who are weird or abnormal, that we must be more responsible to take care of the world yet we must stop butting in, that we must pay for freedom of speech and freedom of expression in the form of government grants even if it means spreading actual excrement on a piece of canvas or a religious statue, that we must pass the buck with regard to blame for our societal failures, that it is always someone else at fault (don't believe this then just watch those TV advertisements for stumble and fall lawyers).

We glorify guns for illegal purposes in the movies, we glorify thrill killing in the movies. We glorify the actors and actresses (call me old fashioned) who perform and glorify raunch day in and day out. We glorify filth, and drugs, rape and killing in rap music. We glorify hatred in the media on a daily basis - just look at that guy with the blond hair at MSNBC. We have elected a president who had a terrorist for a friend, who now has selected a former drug users as school safety czar (and who also reportedly knowingly failed to report the rape of a student by an adult male), and who has put into other posts communists and racial activists. We have lost our moral fiber for sure.

Then we wonder why: We cower fearful of being arrested if we actually discipline our children because the police under our weak kneed legislators consider it a crime to spank our children to make sure they stay on the straight and narrow from a young age. We listen to politicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, nurses and teachers about how not to screw up the upbringing of our children and their upbringing only gets worse and worse as we listen to and try to use each new tidbit of advice from these so called professionals - many who have never raised a child. Then we wonder why our kids turn out like they have done - why they go into schools to shoot, stab and blow each other up. Why is it? It is because we, their parents have lost control because of they who claim to know better than we as to how to care for our children. This has not only happened with the upbringing of our children but has happened in almost every facet of our lives. We are becoming a nanny state or worse we are becoming socialized whereby someone else has to care for us, where they always know better than us, whereby we must obey them or we are criminals if we differ in how to live our own lives. Folks, it is an easily documented fact that such has been the persuasive power of the far left liberal over the years. The radical can only be radical in the first place because no one exercises any discipline over them in the first place and all they desire is to control and discipline everyone else.

It is about time that parents claim back their rightful role in parenting. How about the parent of the kids in the Chicago schools do something. I don't mean that they go out and protest how the schools are run either - this maybe in part due to the school administration and to ultra liberal teachers, but it is mostly due to some wise ass kid not getting a size 12 up his ass when he mouths off and calls his parent or teacher a motha-fucka, an asshole, or says chingate cabron to them, or whatever. It is about time that parents open their eyes to the problem and vote out the incumbents and vote in someone who actually has some moral fiber. It is about time that the legislators start enacting some parent friendly laws allowing parents to use discipline to correct their children, and it is about time that some kids come to school and find it hard to sit in their seats for the day.

We as citizens need to be in control not to be controlled by the government. We need to get them to take proper actions against criminals. So it is also about time that arrests start being made. Not just the 4 guys accused of killing the student last week in Chicago either, how about the whole friggin crowd - everyone that the police can identify. Charge them with rioting. Charge them with conspiracy to kill this kid. Charge them with any felony with which they can be charged and if convicted get them off of the streets. As opposed to what their badly misinformed and liberalized parents will say, they are not good kids at least in my opinion.

We also need to be exercising our rights and liberties as United States Citizens. This includes one of the most basic rights, that of armed self defense. Start letting people carry firearms in Chicago, heck all throughout the country. Allow them to shoot in self defense. Make it sure to prosecute actual criminals for violent crimes committed with firearms and receive long jail sentences if convicted - do not prosecute grandpa for shooting some thug who was about to rape grandma. Make sure the people can legally act in self defense. You will see the crime rate in Chicago (and the rest of the country) drop like a stone.

I know this won't happen anytime soon, but if it did, if the law abiding citizen populace was allowed to carry guns in the hellhole known as Chicago - crime would invariable drop. Then so too would it if parents could plant a size 12 up juniors ass, and if legislators legislated with morality instead of just having it their way in mind. Do these sound like oversimplified solutions to you. You can bet they are simple but you can also bet they would each work to a greater extent than the system under which we find ourselves now - at least that is what I think about it

All the best,
Glenn B