Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Lanny Davis - Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire...

...is how I see the report that Lanny Davis, attorney for Donald Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen, has reportedly "walked back" his earlier claims (as an anonymous source for CNN) that Cohen could provide special counsel Robert Mueller with evidence that then candidate Donald Trump was aware, in advance, of a meeting between his son and others with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower. Now Davis has reportedly said there is no evidence that Trump knew of the meeting in advance!

"Davis started walking back the allegations last week, when during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, he was asked whether there was evidence that Trump knew about the meeting before it happened.

“No, there’s not,” Davis said."

More at the source (and the source is not anonymous).

The amount of vile excrement, most of it evidently untrue to date, spewed forth from the opponents of Donald Trump is mind boggling. I suppose the next thing someone on the left will say is that President Trump has paid off Lanny Davis to change his story.

All the best,
Glenn B