Sunday, March 3, 2024

Shots Fired - ...

...luckily though not in or very near my apartment but close enough to be a bit too close. I am guessing that the semi-auto rapid fire that I heard consisting of 15 rounds plus or minus one was in response to a locomotive engineer blowing the damned train horn for up to 60 seconds or so tonight at a nearby crossing, maybe a mile or one & a half from my apartment, where merely a quick toot-toot would do. They do this every night but not usually several times over 10 minutes each time and in each time span there are many repeated toots of a few to several seconds and there often is one toot per span that lasts from about 30 seconds up to 45 seconds, maybe even up to 60 seconds on a rare night like tonight. Now it's not rare that they blow their damned horn to excess, they do that nightly but rather that they blow it for over 30 seconds and tonight up to about 60 seconds continuously. That is irritating let alone they have done it several times already tonight and the night is yet young. 
Now I figure the shooting was in response to the horn because for about the past 30 to 40 minutes, that I have been back inside and I came in right after hearing the shots, I have not heard a peep out of that train's horn or from another train's and also have not heard any more shots. I hope the shots were not aimed at the engineer and I doubt it because there have been no sirens blaring. 
Even that accursed horn being blasted several to many times a night probably does not deserve being shot by someone whose sleep you have ruined - I am guessing, for several years now. Maybe though it deserves a good beating. I said maybe as in speculating sarcastically. (Note: I am not instructing or suggesting someone take such action nor am I condoning such behavior or similar behavior when illegal and possibly not even when legal, just wondering sarcastically.) Really though being shot for that horn blowing would be extreme, or so I think; yet, I can understand (not justify) how someone, might go to that extreme, who lives closer to the tracks and who must not only hear it but likely be literally rattled by it and by the passing of several trains all throughout the night. How they get any sleep is a deep & dark mystery to me.
All the best,
Glenn B