Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Wrath of Khan & The Bumpkiness Of Clem Kaddidlehopper

Somehow, some folks find the song Baby It's Cold Outside controversial and extremely sexually offensive to women. Is it they never saw or heard the original version from the film Neptune's Daughter made in 1949. I suppose so because then the libturd snowflakes of today, who find just about everything offensive, would also call the song not only sexually offensive to women but racist as aimed at Hispanics and offensive as aimed at men in general. After all, whom does the white woman, singing in the song to Khan, imply put something in her drink - a man and a Hispanic at that!

Then again, if libturd snowflakes were about to be fair and even, they would also say that the song should be considered sexually offensive to men as well - watch the video of the original version and pay attention to the second half and see who is going after Clem and being the sexual predator!

Of course though, libturds only see or hear what they want to see and hear and then go on a rampage of self righteous crusading to further their cause which is little more than unmitigated hatred of anyone with whom they do not agree. I wish them all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS regardless.

By the way, if you don't know to whom or what I was referring when using the names of the characters Khan & Clem Kaddidlehopper - you need to do some research. You can be even more offended by watching their life's work in movies & TV.

In closing, let me say this, if you find that song even mildly offensive, you need your fucking head examined.

All the best,
Glenn B

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas,
Glenn B

Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas To Our Military Personnel...

...who are keeping watch over us at home and throughout the world and special Merry Christmas wishes to those of you on the high seas, on foreign soil or in distant the skies of tonight & tomorrow.

God bless you.

Merry Christmas,
Glenn B

Merry Christmas - For Your Listening Pleasure



And, finally, a song and a voice that no Christmas Eve & Christmas since 1966 should ever be considered complete without:

Merry Christmas,
Glenn B

Saturday, December 22, 2018

No Matter What You Think About Bumpfire Stocks...

...and the Trump administration banning them - go to the link and read what is there:


FUDT - He has become a denizen of the swamp.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, December 21, 2018

TargetSportsUSA - Why They're My Go To Online Ammo Deraler

When someone posts a thread or tells me about a great price on ammo, I check the price at TargetSportsUSA if they have the same exact ammo or even an acceptable substitute of the same type of ammo. For instance, a few days ago, 3 days to be exact, I went online to order a thousand rounds of 115 grain, FMJ, 9mm practice ammo. I checked the prices using AmmoSeek.com. There were several places that were offering what I was looking for at better prices than TargetSportsUSA; that is the prices looked better until I checked on shipping. Once I checked on shipping, and other fees, at a couple of those other places, I found that TargetSportsUSA beat them all because they offer free shipping on cases. They also offer free nondescript over-boxes in which they put the case of ammo. I got case, 20 boxes of 50 rounds in each box, of Sellier & Bellot for $169.80; it was a total of $172.26 with the added $2.46 insurance. At the same time, I could have gotten a case of loose Remington UMC 9mm for a few cents less (before the insurance) from them but much prefer the Sellier & Bellot which is hotter than the Rem UMC and I think better quality.

I was checking prices again tonight and saw that OutdoorLimited is listed on AmmoSeek as offering CCI Blazer Brass at $145.00 per case. There were some catches to that. First of all that is the after rebate price; CCI is offering a rebate that would amount to $20.00 off of a case. Then there was an additional cost of $1.00 for a nondescript over-box and another $2.50 for insurance when I figured shipping to the place I am staying in AT right now. Still looking good - don't you think - much better than the price of the Sellier & Bellot at TargetSportsUSA.

Well, that is until you add the cost of shipping from OutdoorLimited (if I did my math right) to the same exact address in AR to which I had the Sellier &  Bellot ammo shipped from TargetSportsUSA. Shipping from  Outdoor limited would be $18.43. The new total from them before the rebate would be $186.93. Okay, there was that $20 rebate that you would get after you applied for it; so how much would that make the total? It would reduce the price you paid by $20 per case, making the new total $166.93 - wow you would save $5.33 by going through OutdoorLimited after the rebate. Oh wait, you would have top fill out the rebate form, gather together proof of purchase, and mal it in to CCI. I guess you could take of the price of a stamp (.49 cents) from the $5.33 you had saved, now making it $4.84 savings or a total of  $167.42.

Okay you saved some bucks by doing it that way but did you really get the better deal? You had to take the time to fill out the forms, take the time to mail them. Then you'd have to wait for the rebate. Of course, after wasting all that time - by now maybe you forgot why I preferred the Sellier & Bellot over a lot of other ammo. It is somewhat hotter, at normal  handgun ranges out to 25 yards and only slighter less (2 foot pounds) at 50 yards than Blazer brass. In particular - Sellier & Bellot has
391 foot pounds at the muzzle (click on the link, then when on the page click on ballistics) whereas the Blazer Brass is rated at 323 foot pounds at the muzzle; heck the Sellier & Bellot has 322 foot pounds at 25 yards only one pound less than what Blazer Brass has at the muzzle. Yes, the Sellier & Bellot drops off markedly from Blazer Brass at 100 yards but how often do you shoot a handgun at 100 yards! Which is closer to your self defense ammo in normal defensive handgun ranges? I think the extra $4.84 was well worth the additional cost and that the Sellier & Bellot was the better deal. Of course, if price is all that concerns you go with the lower price.

So you know, the only reason I compared TargetSportsUSA to OutdoorLimited is because OutdoorLimited is very often shown on AmmoSeek as having the best price on brass cased 115 grain FMJ 9mm ammo. I used their offering of Blazer Brass because that was the one shown as the lowest cost from them and I compared it to Sellier & Bellot because I prefer that ammo.

What would happen though if  I compared the same ammo across each dealer - Blazer Brass from each of those two? Funny, if you were to buy Blazer Brass from TargetSportsUSA you would get it for a total of $182.41 (including shipping and insurance and the discrete over-box) and that would be before the rebate. It would be $162.49 after the rebate (including the stamp). How much was it from OutdoorLimited? They had it for, if my math was right, 
$167.42 (with the cost of the stamp). That amounts to a $4.93 savings for the same exact ammo from TargetSportsUSA! Yep - you get the better deal from TargetSportsUSA - at least it is what I have found in my experience when I compare them to the dealer(s) as the one(s) shown with the lowest price(s) on AmmoSeek.

Just a couple of other things: I cannot speak for Outdoor Limited or many other dealers when it comes to shipping speed but TargetSportsUSA almost always ships fast. I placed my order for that Sellier & Bellot ammo on the 18th and it arrived on the 21st (and remember the ship from location was in CT and ship to location was in AR not NY where I reside). I have literally received several orders from them within two days (once I got an order in one day from time of order to receipt). They are also excellent at Customer Service although I think I only needed that once or maybe twice and never on anything major. I like 'em!

Finally, I suppose I should mention - I have not and will not receive anything from TargetSportsUSA or from AmmoSeek for my 
endorsement of TargetSportsUSA; well, except maybe that it is possible I may receive their thanks should they ever read this post (which I doubt very much).

All the best,
Glenn B

President Trump’s Commission on School Safety - Potential Gun Grabbers

So the big news relative to firearms ownership this week my have been that the Trump administration has outlawed bumpfire stocks but that is not all it has done to potentially violate the rights of U.S. citizens and legal resident aliens.  President Trump’s School Safety Commission has released, what so far are, its little known  recommendations on how to address school safety and violence.

Before coming up with those recommendations, it seems the Trump administration consulted with everyone but law abiding gun owners:

"The Commission listened to students, parents, teachers, administrators, counselors, law enforcement, mental health professionals, security personnel, and others." (source).

Of course maybe they were included among the others but if so then they seemingly were not given the respect they deserved by mentioning them as a group in those so listed. Now you might wonder why they were either not included in the study or why they were not given the respect for a mention - well, my guess is because the commission is merely another group of wanna be gun-grabbers. In fact it appears they are ready to grab our guns without due process:

"The Commission endorses Extreme Risk Protection Order laws, which give authorities a temporary way to keep those who threaten society from possessing or purchasing firearms."

If this receives Trump's approval, I will say again what  I have said recently relative to the bump stock ban:


For those of you unfamiliar with the meaning, allow me to spell it out Fuck You Donald Trump! A gun grabbing billionaire, akin to Michael Bloomberg or George Soros, is the last thing we needed as our president.

All he best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

What To Do In Benton, AR

Mostly little to nothing except getting out of town. So, today, I cleaned my sons stove, microwave, dishes and sink. Of course, there are some other options: shopping (the antique shops are okay - picked up a nice leather jacket for $27.50) and lots of gun stores (but I want to do the gun stores with Brendan maybe tomorrow), go to the library or drink. Now that I am done cleaning his frigging kitchen, I am drinking and awaiting his return from work. Then we will be Uberring it later to a place to drink and eat - maybe get a steak or maybe some grits (damn, I hate fucking grits).

Oh yeah, I finished sanding the stock for Brendan's Mosin Nagant today while out on his balcony. Off to Homer's Despot tomorrow to get some finish to refinish its stock and to finish the job. Man, I had better get it done before I leave next week. Hope I brought all the parts with me!!!

All the best,
Glenn B

The Package of Doom...

...well at least you could call it The Package of Surprises (sort of like Pandora's box).

I guess the moral is 'be careful or what you ask for - or steal!

All the best,
Glenn B

Oh Henry What Leverage You Have!

The trip to visit Brendan in AR would not be complete without me bringing down a goodly amount of ammo for him and a decent amount of guns for him (and I) to shoot. In there among the several hundred rounds of ammo that I brought him were about 150 to 200 rounds of 22WMR. After all, I sent him a Savage rifle in that caliber some months ago. He scoped it, got 500 rounds of ammo I had sent to him, fired it and loves it.

I brought four handguns and only two long guns. One of those long guns was the Henry Lever in 22 WMR that I purchased at the Hessney auction back in October of this year. I shot it shortly after I acquired it (unusual for me not to procrastinate) and I liked it.

This is the auction catalog photo of the one I picked up.

It is a nice plain and simple lever action rifle in 22 WMR. It weighs 5.5 pounds, is 37.5"ong overall, has a 19.25" barrel, supposedly holds 11 rounds in the magazine tube (although we could only fit 10), comes with an adjustable rear sight & hooded front sight, has a black metal finish & walnut stock & foregrip (source for specs). The only safety I could find on it is that it can be set at 1/4 cock (no, not half cock). It is a goo shooter too.

Brendan got to shoot it this past weekend when we drove out to Pigeon Roost Range in the Ouachita National Forest near Glenwood, AR. It got his stamp of approval and as I recall he said it was now 'his favorite gun'. The male heir and successor to ownership of my firearms was attempting to be slick and weasel me out of a nice rifle but there is no way I am giving this one up - I like it too much for him to get it before he has to pry it out of my cold dead hands (so to speak). I must say, he certainly did enjoy shooting it and fired away with a zeal I have not seen in awhile (if only because we have not shot together for awhile living about 1200 miles apart). He probably put a hundred rounds through it and would have shot more except the other 22 MAG ammo I had that day was fed to the Ruger New Model Single Six that I had also brought along. Anyway, I am betting that a Henry Lever is going to be at the top of his gotta have list, either that or a Golden Boy in 22 WMR.

I would have sworn I took a video of him shooting it but it is not on my phone. Maybe I did it with his phone. If so, I'll download the video and post it later.

All the best,
Glenn B

Best Intentions

All the best,

Imagine Explaining This To Your Insurance Agent

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Blog List Update

I updated the blog list with a new version of M.D. Creekmore:  https://www.mdcreekmore.com/ 

...and another blog by the same blogger Concealed Carry Today:


All the best,
Glenn B

One For The Ladies To Admire

All the best,

Ouch - The Truth Comes Out

All the best,
Glenn B

That's My Boy

All the best,


What was it the Beatles sang - Happiness is A Warm Gun - the idea which as I once heard long ago that they got from the NRA American Rifleman magazine!

May 1968 Edition of The American Rifleman

I think though some others might believe happiness is a big gun and the vehicle with which to tote it around.

All the best,
Glenn B


Fuck You Donald Trump! Why, because the federal government, under his direction, is about to ban bumpfire stocks and give current owners 90 days to turn in bumpfire stocks that they legally purchased and own. More at the source. Once again, another political hack is turning law abiding citizens into criminals (should they decide to keep their legally purchased bumpfire stocks or even should they not be aware of the law and innocently possess them after the 90 period has elapsed) instead of determinedly going after and prosecuting the criminals who use them in violent crimes and then punishing them to the full extent of the law when found guilty.

Drain the swamp! Hell no he is not draining the swamp, the fucker is beginning to suck in the swamp gas and it has gone to his head. I actually thought we finally had a president with some balls and with the true desire to do it differently by serving the people and protecting their rights by doing things according to the Constitution - I guess I was wrong

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, December 16, 2018

A Rocket Scientist He Is Not

Then again, he was not even bright when compared to his peers. As dumb as most white trash may be; he seemingly is an idiot even compared to the rest of his own kind. I mean when you reportedly send your prison break escape plans to the wrong address, what else can you be but an idiot!


All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Remington Model 31 - Test Fire

At long last, Brendan and I test fired the Remington Model 31, 16 gauge, pump action shotgun that I bought back in August 2017 (anyway I am 99.9% certain this was the first time I fired it). Yes, as I have said time & time again - I am The Great Procrastinator. The nice things about test firing it today were that both Brendan and I got to fire it together, it fired flawlessly and the shots were all right on target at 25 yards thanks to its full choke barrel. In all we put about 35 rounds of Federal Game Load 16 gauge, 2 3/4", high brass shells through her.

The only area of concern to me, and that was and remains a slight concern, is that we could only get two shells to fit into the mag tube. My guess is that is not an indication of a problem but rather that this particular gun was used for waterfowl hunting and someone placed a plug into the mag tube to comply with hunting regulations. I'll check that once I get around to a complete disassembly after I get home from visiting Brendan here in Arkansas.

I must say, it was a pleasure to shoot. I currently own three Remington pump action shotguns (I also own a Remington Model 14 pump action rifle). The other two pump shotguns are an 870 and a model 29 - both of which are in 12 gauge. While I have not yet fired the model 29, I have shot the 870 thousands & thousands of times. What a difference in the recoil between the 16 gauge model 31 and the 12 gauge 870; all I can say about it is that it is nice for my aging shoulders.

We also had fun shooting my Henry Lever in 22 MAG, my Ruger Redhawk in 44 MAG, my Ruger New Single Six Convertible (we used the 22 MAG cylinder today), my Glock 26,  Brendan's Beretta 93A1, Brendan's Glock 43 and Brendan's Bulgarian AK-47. As far as I am concerned there is no better time to be had than a father & son (or daughter) enjoying each others' company and shooting is a fine way to do that!

By the way, I suppose I should mention, my Remington 31 was manufactured in December 1947 thus making it 71 years old this month. Who knows, maybe today - December 15th - was the day it came off of the assembly line back in 47!

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, December 14, 2018

My Son Is Enjoying My Company...

..here in Arkansas - isn't it obvious!

Of course, he was just goofing around - I think.

As for me, except for enjoying his company when he gets home from work, I have been doing very little. I've hit a few antique / second-hand stores but that's been about it. The weather has not been very cooperative for outdoor activities like outdoor ranges - it's been wet and cold mostly so far. I must say though, I've been to only four such stores and have picked up some things at three of them. One place was just way too classy and expensive for me. The others more my style - high end white trash.

A couple of days ago I picked up some grips for old round butt, Colt revolvers (in the box) and my Star Trek Tracer gun at one place; and a Christmas stocking & an ornament at another. I think that the total I spent between both places was just under $15.00. Today, I stopped at two more places further away from his apartment and while I got nothing t one store, I think I got two excellent bargains at the other. One is a duck knick-knack, nothing great but a nice deal at $5.00.

The other is a leather bomber style jacket. It is in almost new excellent condition. They were asking $40. I got it fort $27.50.
I guess that makes me a well dressed happy duck hunter.

 All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Has Anyone Within The Justice Department Been Late...

...in answering subpoenas or other requests asking for damning evidence on President Donald Trump or on any of his current or former associates? I think not but am not sure and thus I ask the question.

Well, there is another reason I ask - because it seems that time after time the FBI and Justice Department are almost always late or simply do not supply requested or subpoenaed information when it is relative to investigations of Hillary Clinton, missing emails, election tampering by the dems, Uranium One and so on. It makes me wonder just how much influence the Russians have within our federal government agencies and how deeply are Clinton and her Democrat allies under the covers snuggling with the Ruskies! 
All the best,

Glenn B

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Bought A Piece In AR

I picked up a gun today that I have admired since childhood. I have not seen one of them since the late sixties or early seventies when I owned my first one. The gun I am talking about is a Rayline Star Trek Rapid Fire Tracer Gun. I got a used one in VG to FINE condition that seems to work; although, I do not have any of the discs it uses for ammo to test it. Those discs are available but man are they ever expensive.

I'll settle for having the gun without the discs if only because the guns alone are being offered on eBay for $40 or more in used condition! Not a bad deal at all considering I paid all of $2.00 plus tax for it today. This is what they looked like new, that is if this is not a pic of a counterfeit, and I must say it looks like the real McCoy:

Another nice thing about the one I picked up is that it was made in the USA. Yep, I am that old that many things were still made in this country.

All the best,
Glenn B


Thursday, December 6, 2018

The Inevitable Thing About Civilaztion...

...is that there will be war - at least as long as civilization exists. In fact, I often wonder which came first the chicken or the egg civilization or war. It may have been war that forced mankind to become civilized but even if that is wrong, the fact is that civilization and war go hand in hand and it seems as if one cannot exist without the other.

My guess is that sooner or later it will be war that ends, or comes close to ending, civilization and not civilization that puts a peaceable end to war. I believe WWIII is closing in on us and that may be the one to do it. If you doubt any of that, all you need to do is look back through history - there has been one war after another, often one going on at the same time as many others and with each era that comes and goes war becomes more destructive than ever before. We are not only on the verge of being able to destroy civilization but have far surpassed that ability and now may be able to take out most life on the planet as well.

While warfare may be a necessary part of civilization, we really need to find some way to reprioritize how we look at war & warfare and other ways to resolve conflicts in an effort to assure such widespread destruction will never take place. We need to do that quickly because the clock is ticking toward the commencement of the next world war and that one could be the last one, the one that ends civilization at least as we know it. If you think that implausible, then I presume you have not kept up on world news over the past several years. I keep up with the news only on what I suppose one would call an intermediate level; yet, even I have seen the signs - unless we do something drastic - another world war is inevitable. Just in case you have missed the signs that I have been seeing, here is some light reading for you, albeit a bunch of it:























All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Never Having Owned A Firearm Made By FN...

...I have had almost zero interest in them. I suppose maybe for that reason alone I never before today heard much about them as to how well or badly they are manufactured. Today I was watching a video on YouTube that was totally unrelated to FN pistols and after watching it clicked on a video about some guy shooting through trees. In that video, the guy who made it showed an FNX Tactical
pistol with pretty squishy grips and said to make sure to watch his initial video about that; so I did just that.

In fact, I watched his initial video about a problem he had discovered with his FNX Tactical pistol's grips and then watched a follow-up video as well. 

I have to mention, these videos are just over three years old and I suppose FN had a lot of time to address the problem of the squishy grips. Yet, the videos almost assure that I'd never buy be extremely hesitant before buying one of their pistols because I think it was piss poor quality control for the factory to have allowed a pistol, like the one he showed in the first video, out into the market. Then again, I find it amazing that the second FNX tactical pistol he showed in the second video allegedly was FN's solution to the problem.

Just in case you are more interested in watching him shooting a tree, you can watch this one:

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, December 3, 2018

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Another Good Reason To Ignore The Pleas Of Beggars...

...is that no good deed goes unpunished. That axiom was all too true in the case of a woman, a passenger in a car in Baltimore, who decided to give some money to another woman who apparently was begging. She rolled down her window to give the other woman some money and a man approached the car and tried to steal her purse. In he altercation, the man reportedly stabbed her in the chest killing her. More at the source.

Predators are opportunistic folks and if you give them the opportunity, they will strike. My advice, when you find yourself in a similar situation, ignore the beggars pleas for cash and get away from them as quickly as possible while remaining aware of them and others around you. Of course, another thing comes to mind - be prepared to defend yourselves too.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Maybe I Should Buy Things On Layaway At Walmart!

Someone paid off the amounts due on all of the items being held on layaway at the Walmart located in Uniondale, NY! He or she spent nearly $50,000.00 to do so. More at the source. Maybe Santa Claus does exist.

Yep, I have shopped there before but never bought anything there on layaway. It's not my go to Walmart and I do not go to Walmart all that often. I also don't shop using layaway plans. In fact, about the only things I have ever bought on something even remotely similar to layaway were my house when I got a mortgage on it and my kids' college educations. Too bad, all that was paid off years ago - that is too bad if any of you were thinking of taking care of them for me.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tax More & Spend More & Tax More...

...to spend even more, it seemingly never ends and is the mantra of just about every government in the world. Well, that is it never ends until there is a revolution - like this one maybe. Seems the people of France have apparently decided they have had enough. Now if only they have the balls to stick with their convictions for say a few months or more, they may actually get something accomplished along the lines of reigning in their government's taxing and spending.

All the best,
Glenn  B

George H. W. Bush - In-Memoriam

I just checked the news a few minutes ago; it was the first time I did so today. I must say that the headline bummed me out substantially.

President George H.W. Bush passed last night at the age of 94. More at the source.

I thought him a decent president, better than most within my lifetime and liked him quite a bit in that role. He seemed to be a compassionate man of faith and integrity who truly loved the United States of America. My condolences to his family, loved ones, associates and all Americans who mourn his passing.
Next Wednesday has been designated as a national day of mourning. More here.

All the best,
Glenn B