Wednesday, December 19, 2018

What To Do In Benton, AR

Mostly little to nothing except getting out of town. So, today, I cleaned my sons stove, microwave, dishes and sink. Of course, there are some other options: shopping (the antique shops are okay - picked up a nice leather jacket for $27.50) and lots of gun stores (but I want to do the gun stores with Brendan maybe tomorrow), go to the library or drink. Now that I am done cleaning his frigging kitchen, I am drinking and awaiting his return from work. Then we will be Uberring it later to a place to drink and eat - maybe get a steak or maybe some grits (damn, I hate fucking grits).

Oh yeah, I finished sanding the stock for Brendan's Mosin Nagant today while out on his balcony. Off to Homer's Despot tomorrow to get some finish to refinish its stock and to finish the job. Man, I had better get it done before I leave next week. Hope I brought all the parts with me!!!

All the best,
Glenn B


MSG Grumpy said...

Something that I would do, about a hour north of Benton is a Lake called Greers Ferry. And just below the dam is the best Trout river in the lower 48 called the Little Red River. For those who like trout fishing. For those who like hiking or sight seeing a trip up I40 towards the North West is Petite Jean Mountain, wonderful views and some of the best day trip hiking to be found anywhere.

Hope y'all enjoy

MSG Grumpy

Glenn B said...

My son has hiked there and maybe we can stretch our legs there this weekend. I don't think he knows about the trout fishing but now that I know he will know about it soon enough. I'd love to give that a try with him. Thanks.