Sunday, August 14, 2022

Are The Democrats Trying To Provoke China...

 ...or are they in cahoots with China & Biden and just trying to make it appear as if China has been provoked, have China actually retaliate in some physical way that truly seems to threaten war with the USA and then have President Biden step in and make it look as if he saved the day. I refer to the current troupe of idiots representatives to Taiwan - all democrats except for one lone and one lone Republican. More on that trip at the source.

Now for you liberals who think that preposterous - think back to the investigation against President trump for supposed collusion with Russia, the alleged squirting urination scandal against him, the January 6th investigation and the current mess with the FBI raid of his Florida residence. Then lets talk about all the info on Hunter Biden's laptop concerning his foreign ties to Russia, Ukraine and China and President Biden's denials that he had anything to do with Hunter's business dealings and all the money he supposedly earned in positions for which he had zero experience; yet, that statement by President Biden has already been proven to be a lie as I understand it. Not so preposterous after all, not in the face of the evidence on the laptop and at least not as preposterous as the claims that have been made against President Trump.

No, I do not think they are really trying to do that but I do think it is more plausible that that of which President Trump was and has been accused.

All the best,
Glenn B