Thursday, May 24, 2018

My Colt Detective Special... indeed a first issue judging by the date, December 5, 1932, that Colt told me it shipped from the factory. Heck, my mother, may she rest in peace, was not quite yet 8 years old on that date but would turn 8 on Christmas day that year. In other words, it was a pretty long time ago when this gun made its first public appearance.

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According to the authentication letter I received from Colt, my Detective Special was shipped to a gentleman by the name of Simon Atlas in Washington, DC on that date. I will admit, I was a little disappointed but not because I ever really expected it to come back as having been originally owned by Elliot Ness; it's just that one can hope. Man oh man, Elliot Ness as the first owner - now that would have been excellent news. As it stands now though, I am happy to know it is a first issue and am left curiously wondering just who exactly was Simon Atlas.

Of course, I initiated Google and other searches for Simon Atlas - seeking anyone with that name from around that era (the Dirty Thirties) in the DC area. The only thing that came back that in any way possibly may be related to the original owner of the gun was that there is a Jewish organization called Simon Atlas AZA#126 that was founded in Washington, DC in 1930 - right name - right era. I have sent them an inquiry via a Facebook message asking for some historical information on their namesake. I also found recent references to Simon "Si" Atlas in relation to Maccabi USA. I sent them an inquiry and asked that they forward my inquiry to Mr. Atlas, in the hope that maybe the original owner of my Colt DS was a relative of his; he is also from the area around DC. I am simply curious to find out just who was Simon Atlas - the original owner of this Colt Detective Special.

Other than that, maybe I should frame the letter to keep it safe and looking good in the event I ever want to sell the revolver.

All the best,
Glenn B