Wednesday, October 27, 2021

If This Is True - I Would Be Ashamed... be a federal agent, in any agency at all, working under the Biden regime. If in fact, federal agents flew over a Virginia school board meeting/protest in a helicopter and others arrived on scene in unmarked vehicles to then infiltrate the crowd, we the bums in the Biden administration are no better than the the Taliban, Iranians, North Koreans, Red Chinese or Russians. More at the source.
I truly hope the helicopter was a media chopper but with the other things Biden and his minion have done to date - I almost believe, with little doubt, it was the feds.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Just Ordered Some Coffee - Just In Case... disappears from the shelves - other stuff is already either in short supply or missing altogether (FUJB). I ordered it from Porto Rico Importing Company in Greenwich Village, NY. It's a great little coffee shop with an excellent selection of coffees, teas and some candies (free plug). 
Here is what I ordered:
I ordered one of each coffee for my son & the same for me. Two pounds of chocolate covered cherries for me and one of chocolate covered almonds for him. That leaves two pounds of  the first coffee on the list for the two ladies who work in my apartment complex office; I am thinking as a Thanksgiving gift or maybe for a Halloween treat if they ask nicely and wear nice costumes!

As for mine, 5 pounds of coffee will last me at least 4 months if not 6 months at the rate I have been drinking it lately. I can go through it much quicker by drinking it at least 4 or 5 times per week but right now probably only brew & drink it two or three times per week. I do like it to taste strong and probably use as much as 1.5 to 2 times what someone else would use when brewing it. Being I like it to taste strong, the French roast is my favorite roast for a robust flavor, while a light roast is okay at other times because I use so much of it when brewing it and I drink it black almost all of the time. No doubt though, the French roast has a heartier flavor if made with equal amounts. If you like strong tasting coffees, I can highly recommend any of the French roasts listed above.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Alive & Relatively Well But...

 ...too disgusted with our president, his administration and libturds in general to blog much about current events. It is amazing to me, even though I am 66 and thus not a noob with regard to being experienced relative to politics, that Biden is apparently guilty of virtually everything of which the leftists accused President Trump (with no real evidence for any of it). In fact, there is plenty of damning hard cold evidence against Biden and against his son and other members of his administration; yet, the lefties ignore the evidence and in essence the media buries it. In fact, no matter how badly Biden and his covert handlers screw up, the leftists adore him as if he is the savior of the USA. It disgusts me and I am not a Republican nor a Conservative; if I had to pick my brand of politics I would be closest to being a Libertarian but one who thinks somewhat more government is necessary than most Libertarians believe.
So, as it turns out, I have not been blogging much about anything lately because chances are if I had been, it only would have been about politics and I'd only have gotten myself more disgusted than I am right now. Mainly, I am disgusted and disheartened because I truly foresee a violent civil war in our near future if things do not change drastically and for the better soon. The decline in the world standing of the USA, the debacle in Afghanistan, the coziness with Red China, the destruction of the sovereignty of the United States by way of opening our southern border to a mass invasion of illegal aliens (fuck not they are not immigrants), the huge spike in rampant violent crime, the trend toward releasing criminals after arrest with no bail, the tolerance for crimes of all sorts including violent ones, the birth of the defund the police movement, acceptance by the libs of BLM and ANTIFA as good-guy groups as opposed to the apparent reality that they are terrorist and criminal organizations, inflation running wild, continued unemployment supported by the welfare state mentality, the continuation of the Covid-19 manufactured crisis (yes it is a crisis to some extent on its own but the libs have expanded that crisis beyond belief, the destruction of our education system and its replacement with those on the left brainwashing our youth in schools, the gall of the government to want to investigate those who disagree with certain government & education policies such as teaching CRT and such, the presidency having been turned in a puppet figure under the control of handlers, the unchecked erosion of citizen's rights and on and on. Damn it, what did I just say about it making me more disgusted -  now my blood is boiling thinking about the mess these leftist pieces of shit have gotten us into.
All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, October 9, 2021

I figured That Sooner Or Later It Would Be My Birthday..., I ordered myself a present as I was pretty sure that other than the two pictures my wife sent me of Ryan John, my grandson, no one (except maybe my son) would get me anything. The present I ordered myself was delivered to my local FFL dealer today - a brace of Glock 19' GEN3 pistols. They have consecutive serial numbers. I now own three pairs of guns with consecutive serial numbers- these Glock 19s, two Beretta 92FS pistols and a set of two Colt Lord Deringer (sic) single shot derringers. Of course, this means I will have to be going to the range soon because I intend to carry at least one of these Glock 19s as my primary weapon and probably will store the other as a spare. Then again I sometimes may carry it as a back-up; although, I'd likely carry my Glock 26 for that purpose and keep the other 19 as a spare. 
This purchase and some other recent gun and silver/gold bullion purchases have eaten a large chunk of change out of my savings account but I figure it this way - I can't take it with me and may as well enjoy it now especially after having a stroke back on 9/11 of this year. Even if I spend every penny of my rather meager retirement savings, and they are indeed meager (I was not wise in how I saved), I have a decent amount of life insurance for my daughter & son and it amounts to substantially much more than I ever got from anyone; more than enough to make them happy I am sure. They are set at least until I can no longer afford the insurance and I am paying out of my arse for it right now.
As it turns out, I still have a Glock 19 GEN5, new in the box, never fired (well maybe they test fired it at Glock but not fired since I purchased it at the gun shop). I need to sell it. Hopefully, I can sell that in person here in TX at a gun show or such without having to resort to GunBroker and an online sale for which I will have to ship it, that is becoming a pain in the arse.
Anyway, I am happy to have treated myself to the Glock 19s. The two main types of carry pistols I have liked the most over the years have been my Beretta 92 series pistols (models 92FS & 92 SB) and my Glock 9mms (models 19 & 26). Happy birthday to me whenever it came or comes. Damn, am I another year older!!!!!!!!

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, October 1, 2021

Damn - Old Guns Of Famous Dead Folks Sure Have Gotten Expensive

As a matter of fact, this past August (maybe old news for you but the first I saw of it was today) there was a firearms auction in Los Angeles for firearms that once belonged to Old West legends such as Billy The Kid, Pat Garrett, John Wesley Hardin, Wild Bill Hickock (and maybe others). 

The one pictured sold for a record setting $6,030,313.00 (yes as in over 6 million dollars). Historically, it was the one with which Pat Garrett shot down the heinous outlaw & killer Billy The Kid. That particular Colt Single Action Army revolver has supposedly been documented ever since it left the hands of Garrett and if the documentation is true and genuine - that is one heck of a good chain of provenance. More at the source.
I suppose people with more money than 10 Popes and thus with nothing better to do with it than flaunt it big-time decided it was time to start a bidding war. I just have to hit the Mega Millions, Power Ball or Lottery - merely one time but definitely for a small fortune of let's say maybe a half a billion clams. That way I could get in on all the fun and one way or t'other, even now well after the auction, I'd become the owner of it (you could bet on that).
All the best,
Glenn B