Wednesday, November 8, 2006

The Elections are over - will things change?

Well, it looks as if the House of Representatives has gone to the Democrats in a big way. For the first time in over a decade they have control of the House. It appears as if Nancy Pelosi, with her so called 'San Francisco values' will be the speaker of the House.

As for the Senate, it is still too close to call as I write. It may soon also be in control of the Democrats.

If both parts of the Congress go to the Democrats, then president George W. Bush will surely be a lame duck president for the remainder of his tenure; but there may be more serious concerns than just that.

Will the war in Iraq come to a premature end, one without victory against terrorism, state sponsored or otherwise?

Will illegal aliens gain an even stronger foothold in the United States of America, since this is one of the few things about which the Democrats seemingly agree with the president - as in guest worker program?

Will an assault weapons ban be resurrected; and will other restrictive guns laws be placed onto the American people?

Will our nation be so weakened by the above issues as to allow the terrorists, drug cartels and other violent criminals to gain a stronger foothold in America?

Will Gay marriage become the acceptable way of the future on a federal level? Sure some states voted laws to the effect of banning gay marriage, but how will a very liberal Congress effect the issue?

Will stem cell research become acceptable?

Will the minimum wage increase?

Will social services to groups such as junkies, illegal immigrants, those who refuse to work, increase?

Will the price of gasoline rise or fall?

Will taxes rise again?

Will the economy strengthen or weaken?

Will all of this pave the way for a Democrat to become president in 2008; or will it assure that a Republican will become president then?

My guesses on the above issues are just that - guesses; and my guesses are that our nation will suffer overall because of this election. There is one thing though that I will say has a better chance of becoming reality than remaining just a guess, and that is that in 2008 the people of the USA will elect a Republican president. I base this on the track record of the Democrats once they have achieved any type of political power. I doubt they will have changed just because they presented a lot of middle of the road types in this election. Now that they are in power, ultra liberalism will probably ooze out of their pores and into every decision they make while in office. After two years of that, Americans will have likely become sick of it, and will probably elect a conservative president, namely a republican. Time will tell.

I will predict one thing almost with certainty. Now that Democrats have taken control of the House, and if they also take control of the Senate, then firearms sales, and firearms accessory sales, will sky rocket sometime in the not too distant future. Mark my word on it. Call me a fool if I am wrong; but I am willing to bet on this one if total Republican control of the Congress is lost.

I voted, and I voted for those who I thought would best serve; and those for whom I voted lost. I wonder, how is it that most Americans voted otherwise, am I that out of touch on who would be better for America? Again, time will tell.

All the best,
Glenn B