Saturday, August 4, 2012

Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR Camera

My brother, who passed a few weeks ago, considered himself quite the photographer. I will admit, he sometimes took some truly excellent photographs; yet, whether or not he was as good as he thought he was did not matter. He had fun with photography and had a passion for it. I imagine that is what mattered.

In 2010, he upgraded his equipment and bought a professional model camera, a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. It is one heck of a big and heavy digital camera and is heavy in the mega pixel department as well. It shoots 21.1 mp. I do not know much about it other than that, except that my sister-in-law wants to sell it because she needs the cash. I would have thought of buying it for myself, to putz around with now and then, that is until I saw the going prices on Ebay. Just the body can go for well over $1,000 and that is for used ones. My brother had more than just the camera body, including a Canon 24-105mm EF lens, a Canon Speedlite flash, a battery charger and 2 batteries as well as other accessories.

Now, my sister-in-law is not all that computer savvy, so I told her I would put it up for sale on my Ebay account for her. I posted it on Ebay today, it took me three hours to get it right. That was somewhat due to the laptop I was using losing its wireless Internet connection a few times but also was due to me getting the Ebay add just right. It did not seem worth the effort especially since I was uncertain it would sell both because of the starting bid price and because I am selling it "as is, no returns". It apparently is in excellent condition as far as I can tell and I took some shots with it and they came out fine. I figured I could change that "no returns" thing, to returns accepted, for a second try if it did not sell on the first attempt.

I need not have worried if it would sell. Just hours after I posted it, it had a bid at the starting bid of $1,800, and that with less than two dozen views. I think it can probably get, and will likely get, a good deal more than that, maybe at least $2,400. If not, then at least it is going to bring in at least $1,800 for my sister-in-law.

If you are interested in viewing the auction, it can be seen at this link: 

I think it absolutely amazing, and a testament to how good a camera it is, that it is going to bring in quite as much as it will, just with the first bid, considering it is a used camera. From what I have seen with other auctions for the same camera on Ebay, they are in very high demand!

Now you may remember I just mentioned I had thought of buying it until I saw the price. I need a camera since my old Canon Powershot whatever went belly up. Well, my brother also has a Canon Powershot G9. I offered to buy that one but my sister-in-law is kind hearted and she gave it to me. While I am not the high caliber that was my brother, I shoot a good shot now and again. Stand by for some upcoming gun pron soon.

All the best,
Glenn B