Thursday, December 6, 2018

The Inevitable Thing About Civilaztion... that there will be war - at least as long as civilization exists. In fact, I often wonder which came first the chicken or the egg civilization or war. It may have been war that forced mankind to become civilized but even if that is wrong, the fact is that civilization and war go hand in hand and it seems as if one cannot exist without the other.

My guess is that sooner or later it will be war that ends, or comes close to ending, civilization and not civilization that puts a peaceable end to war. I believe WWIII is closing in on us and that may be the one to do it. If you doubt any of that, all you need to do is look back through history - there has been one war after another, often one going on at the same time as many others and with each era that comes and goes war becomes more destructive than ever before. We are not only on the verge of being able to destroy civilization but have far surpassed that ability and now may be able to take out most life on the planet as well.

While warfare may be a necessary part of civilization, we really need to find some way to reprioritize how we look at war & warfare and other ways to resolve conflicts in an effort to assure such widespread destruction will never take place. We need to do that quickly because the clock is ticking toward the commencement of the next world war and that one could be the last one, the one that ends civilization at least as we know it. If you think that implausible, then I presume you have not kept up on world news over the past several years. I keep up with the news only on what I suppose one would call an intermediate level; yet, even I have seen the signs - unless we do something drastic - another world war is inevitable. Just in case you have missed the signs that I have been seeing, here is some light reading for you, albeit a bunch of it:

All the best,
Glenn B