Wednesday, December 16, 2020

I May As Well Sign Up Now

 I have been thinking of signing up for Medicare part A and while doing that had the thought I should check to see what I'd get if I signed up for Social Security. As it turns out, if I had never worked for the federal government and ONLY worked for the jobs outside the federal government for which I worked to qualify for having enough quarters for Social Security (or in other words never worked at all in the 32 years I had of federal employment) I'd get about $356.00 a month of Social Security payments. Not much but as I said most of my work time was that 32 years in the federal civil service and I get a pension for that - from a pension plan I paid into. Because of that the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) though, no doubt thought up by an it's okay to screw others out of their due progressive, they will reduce my monthly payment to about $151.00. Note not by $151.00 but to $151.00 which is less than half of what I'd normally receive, for the same amount of quarters I worked outside of the civil service, had I not been receiving a federal pension under the Civil Service Retirement Act. 

Now, while some of you left leaning types may think that great, and while even some of you more conservative types may think it grand as well; I think of it this way - I am getting screwed out of what anyone else who did not work for the feds is getting. I paid enough into Social Security to get $356.00 per month period. Just because I receive a federal pension, which program I also paid into every month, I and millions of others are being punished for our service so that some liberal blood sucking leech can get from welfare what I earned and what I deserve.

Personally, I'd settle to get all the money I paid into Social Security back in my pocket and to see Social Security completely abolished BUT if it is going to continue then those who paid into it by way of jobs outside of their federal service, and who amassed enough quarters to receive Social Security payments, should get the amount anyone else would get for having paid in that much. 

Bitch, bitch, bitch, moan, moan moan, that's it for now.

All the best,