Wednesday, December 16, 2020

I May As Well Sign Up Now

 I have been thinking of signing up for Medicare part A and while doing that had the thought I should check to see what I'd get if I signed up for Social Security. As it turns out, if I had never worked for the federal government and ONLY worked for the jobs outside the federal government for which I worked to qualify for having enough quarters for Social Security (or in other words never worked at all in the 32 years I had of federal employment) I'd get about $356.00 a month of Social Security payments. Not much but as I said most of my work time was that 32 years in the federal civil service and I get a pension for that - from a pension plan I paid into. Because of that the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) though, no doubt thought up by an it's okay to screw others out of their due progressive, they will reduce my monthly payment to about $151.00. Note not by $151.00 but to $151.00 which is less than half of what I'd normally receive, for the same amount of quarters I worked outside of the civil service, had I not been receiving a federal pension under the Civil Service Retirement Act. 

Now, while some of you left leaning types may think that great, and while even some of you more conservative types may think it grand as well; I think of it this way - I am getting screwed out of what anyone else who did not work for the feds is getting. I paid enough into Social Security to get $356.00 per month period. Just because I receive a federal pension, which program I also paid into every month, I and millions of others are being punished for our service so that some liberal blood sucking leech can get from welfare what I earned and what I deserve.

Personally, I'd settle to get all the money I paid into Social Security back in my pocket and to see Social Security completely abolished BUT if it is going to continue then those who paid into it by way of jobs outside of their federal service, and who amassed enough quarters to receive Social Security payments, should get the amount anyone else would get for having paid in that much. 

Bitch, bitch, bitch, moan, moan moan, that's it for now.

All the best,


riverrider said...

right there with you. i worked several jobs before going into federal service. worked 20 years in dod, fell under the fers system where ss is one part of the retirement. so i have paid into ss all my working life. but because i got retired for physical reasons, the govt is the only one that can put you out that way, i can only draw half of what ss i paid in. my pension is cut in half also b/c i went out early, even tho no fault of my own. so i drag my broken ass over the mountain every day to work until i die, which these days i'm looking forward to. work hard they said, do your duty they said, defend your country they said, it'll be fun thy said, we'll take care of you later they said.....yeah, not so much. i should have known better.

RGRANT said...

My wife found out about WEP when she went to work for state gov. Basically gets ripped off a little more every month.

Glenn B said...

I never realized that WEP also applied to State Employees. It is a crying shame when you think about the unfairness of it.

mitchrodee said...

You ought to sue that guy who forced you to go work for the big bad gub'mint. How dare he made you take a job with a steady paycheck, decent benefits, little risk of getting laid off, etc., etc., etc.

Glenn B said...

I liked my government job and I worked damned hard to get it, hard to keep it and hard at it; I was no slug. I also assured that I worked only for agencies primarily involved with crimes against the sovereignty of the borders of the United States and thus the great majority of folks I arrested (probably higher than 95%) were aliens who committed crimes while entering this country illegally and or with illegal contraband. Some of the few U.S. citizens I arrested were those trying to smuggle out strategic technology or narcotics proceeds. I'd do most of it again in a heartbeat. That I had a decent to good paying job (decent for the first 10 years or so of my employment and then a good paying one for the rest of it)is no reason for me not to get my due, as does anyone who did not work for the government, relative as to what I put into Social Security from my other employment.

Glenn B said...

By the way, I was laid off at least twice but only briefly. I also ran the risk of getting killed and had the crap beat out of me at least a couple of times by illegal aliens and drug smugglers, one time resulting in a fractured sternum/xiphoid process. Had others try to kill me with rocks and chunks of concrete. Then there were the guys with the knives & guns, luckily they never stabbed me or shot one at me but preferred to just give up. Was also in a pretty bad wreck and luckily only suffered a concussion. Still not complaining though; it was an adventure but none of that means I or anyone should get partially screwed out of what we paid into.

riverrider said...

mitch, did you consider that the guys that maintain army,navy,air force equipment are federal employees. without us the military that protects your life wouldn't be able to do so. additionally, i was what they call an excepted service employee, meaning i had to be in the reserve or national guard to keep my job. that meant i had to wear the uniform everyday, maintain military and physical fitness levels, train on weekends and a lot more than two weeks a year. when 911 happened i was already on active duty deploying to bosnia for a 9 month tour of duty in a hostile fire zone. it was 20 below one morning...not to mention countless birthday,anniversaries, funerals even, that i missed because i was away on training or deployment. all part of my cushy job mitch.
slept on frozen ground, forded blackwater swamps up to ass in snakes, humped a heavy pack in 100 plus heat, went hungry, went without a shower for weeks. you do any of that at your job mitch?
chased a war criminal all over the baltic, buried friends. you do any of that for your job mitch.
when my body got broken and i couldn't run 2 miles in 16 minutes they put me out. do you run two miles a day, push ups, sit ups etc to pass a test every day mitch?
does your job fire you because you can't be in the military anymore, even though you can still physically do your job mitch?