Thursday, December 10, 2020

Tempting Fate Again - I Guess

The COVID-19 Pandemic is at another peak or s they tell us. Me, I believe them, at least around here in TX where it is at its first real peak - at least in eastern TX. Despite that, life has not ended here. Stores are open and business goes on for the most part with most people wearing masks but not all. If you wear a mask it's fine by me - I wear one when in crowds or in stores as they are required by state law or rule or regulation or whatever. If you do not wear one, well maybe you are right and masks are bullshit but then again if not and you failed to wear one and get sick, nothing personal but I won't mourn you. Of course, if you do not wear one and it is later shown they greatly reduced the chance of you spreading it, and you got it and passed it on to someone else because you did not wear a mask - fuck you - rot in hell.

Now as this post's title suggests, I - in fact we - may be tempting fate this weekend - again. The we being Brendan. We will have tables at the gun show in Conway, AR. We'll both be wearing masks and have alcohol gel at hand. Hopefully we won't catch any nasty shot like the Rona V or the flu. Stay well my friends.

All the best,
Glenn B


Glen Filthie said...

Glenn, stopping a virus with a mask is like trying to stop a mosquito with a chain link fence. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact and you can look it up. Anyone can. And if this actually WERE a real pandemic... no, you wouldn’t tempt fate. You’d lock down of your own accord, and you sure as hell wouldn’t trust the mask. When the former head of the Royal Canadian College Of Physicians comes out and calls this a hoax... and no one challenges him... you know the thing is wonky.

It’s just the flu. The hoax around it is now a cult, a corporation and a grift. You’re more likely to slip and fall down the stairs and break your neck.

Glenn B said...

I know or should say knew 4 people in NY who have died from this. I know 4 people in my apartment complex who have had it, 3 of the 4 had it badly. While a virus can pass through a mask, bear in mind a lot of it gets caught in a mask too. Just wear a mask and sneeze, the result will make what I just said evident as being true. You do not want to wear one, that is fine by me. I do wear one and will continue to wear one. Just think, all these years doctors and nurses have worn masks during surgery because they do not work.

Glenn B said...

Note: I had to cut and paste this comment from the email notification I received for it because I accidentally hit delete - damn too small optiins when using the phine. Anyway it is here in full:

"riverrider has left a new comment on your post "Tempting Fate Again - I Guess":

glenn b , they wear masks to keep BACTERIA which is 80 to 100 times larger than virus out of the open wound and even that is not adequate unless they have negative pressure ventilation in the room. study after study has proven the method of vector between people is touch. and just this week fauci puts out that we don't need to sanitize so much, which is b.s. i notice nobody is cleaning the atm pads and shopping carts anymore, real transmission routes. we all had it anyway, minor inconvenience. if you're under80 and not immune deficient you're fine. average death was over 84 and had 2.5 major co-morbidities."

Glenn B said...

That's fine, I will take the extra precaution anyway. As I said above, if someone else does not want to wear a mask, fine by me. That is until you cough in my face. As for me I wear them, one reason being I have been diagnosed with RA and Lupus titers both immune system deficiencies. Why it bothers others as to what I choose to do for myself and that harms no one amazes me.

mitchrodee said...

Nothing is 100% effective, but masks are noticeably helpful at keeping the spread down.

riverrider said...

sorry, i wasn't trying to offend you. by all means wear what you want, covid or not. just don't force me to is all i'm saying, and i get a little tired of the mask-in-surgery argument b/c i hear it all the time from folks who unlike yourself never cracked a book and get all their info from cnn.