Monday, June 11, 2018

Before Opening His Mouth - Did He Stop To Think

This is my opinion about the foul mouthed anti-Trump rant, by an over the hill actor, that took place last night. Yes, I am referring to the rant by Robert De Niro.
Today, President Trump was in Singapore doing what no other U.S. President has ever done - preparing for a meeting with the leader of North Korea to try to make peace with North Korea and to try to denuclearize that rogue nation. Last night, a leftist, vile, foul, blabbermouth of a pompous ignoramus (my opinion of him) got up in front of his Hollyweird peers and reportedly threw his two fists in the air after screaming F---Trump. He evidently did so in his usual wanna be tough guy manner (yes he apparently likes to believe he is tough like his movie characters but I think he is really a wussy) seemingly to try to impress others of his own leftist political ilk.
President Trump has been trying to do something that would be of great importance and great benefit not only to the USA but to the world, and that foul mouthed actor figured he would try to do what - did he hope to upset the president, did he hope to throw him off his game while in negotiations with Kim Jong Un, did he hope that if President Trump fails he can then rant and rage even louder against our president (and yes no matter if you like him or don't like him he is our president). Or was it something else - was it just a crybaby spoiled POS of an actor trying to make himself look and feel big because President Trump intimidates him.
Did he think for a minute that the President of The United States of America might actually not need any added stress that his foul mouthed rant may have caused. Did he stop for a moment to think that should the President get distracted by that disgusting tirade he might be put off enough to cause him to fail at his current task and that the end result could be a nuclear war with millions dead??? Before he opened his vile besmirching piehole - DID HE THINK AT ALL of what might be the consequences of his seemingly maniacal monologue? Oh why do I even ask because it is obvious, to me, that if he did think all he thought of was satisfying his own feelings of hatred. In my estimation he is not even worthy of being called a has been actor - he is little more that a disgusting asshole.
Anyway, I thank him with all of my heart for having done so because I am sure that when it comes time to vote, Americans will not forget the extremist hateful assholes of the left like him and America will resoundingly vote right. Lest I forget, allow me to also thank all the arsehats in the audience who wildly applauded De Niro's vicious vitriol - they probably put the icing on the cake as far as the right winning the next election goes.
All the best,
Glenn B