Saturday, June 4, 2011

Al Qaeda Reportedly Urges Muslims To Kill Americans And I Again Urge You To Buy Arms and Ammunition...

 ...for possible use in self defense. I suppose some of you may be getting sick of me telling you to do so but the battle may soon be brought closer to home than ever before. So, I am urging you to take these actions to be ready to defend against
those Muslims (or anyone) who would heed the call of Al Qaeda to purchase arms with which to kill Americans. In case you are not aware of that to which I am referring, click on the link below:

In essence, the link is to an article that has breaking news that: "Al Qaeda has released a video urging Muslims who live in the U.S. to take advantage of the easy access to firearms and buy guns to kill Americans."

If you think I am being prejudicial or otherwise biased against Muslims, I am not. You see, Al Qaeda is not reportedly calling upon Buddhists, Christians, Druids, Hindus, Jainists, Jews, Shintoists (hope that is correct), Sikhs, Taoists, Wiccan, Atheists, Agnostics or anyone else to stock up on guns to kill Americans - they reportedly are calling only Muslims to do so and they reportedly are calling upon them to wage Holy War against us. I am willing to bet, that if there was a way to keep tabs, we would soon see an increase in sales of firearms to Muslims in the USA and I would bet it would not be because most of them, who were buying weapons, would be buying them for self defense. Now, don't get me wrong, I do not think most American Muslims will heed the call, but I do believe there potentially are enough who could make this a truly fair to large scale threat to our safety and security.

There is a way to minimize such sales, to those who may follow up on Al Qaeda's call, without restricting sales to we law abiding citizens and legally immigrated aliens whether we be Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, those of any other religion, or even atheists. The thing would be for us, us as in law abiding American citizens and legal resident aliens, of any faith or belief system, to start buying firearms and ammunition to protect ourselves and our loved ones and our neighbors. It would also be a good idea, I think, for us to let it be known that we will protect ourselves with our firearms as justified under the law - as in self defense - from any imminent threat of death or serious bodily harm (laws may vary in different states) coming from groups that are sympathetic to or conspiring with Al Qaeda to kill Americans. We should speak up about this by way of blogs, interviews with the press, letters to the editors of local newspapers, letter to politicians and such. We should make as loud an outcry as is humanly possible, a sort of shout back at Al Qaeda and to the part of the Muslim community that is sympathetic to or conspiring with Al Qaeda's evil intentions to kill Americans.

In other words, we should let them know, now, that where legal: Not only is there a gun behind every blade of grass, there is one pointing out of every window, one over every boulder, one in every store one holstered on every hip, one behind every door. We need to make them understand there is a gun, or more than one, for every law abiding U.S. Citizen and legal resident alien who are all sick and tired of all this Islamic extremism and the terrorism that it spawns. I kind of think it might be a pretty good deterrent, heck it stopped the Japanese from invading the mainland USA in WWII. If not, then at least we would be ready to defend ourselves and our neighbors (well at least the neighbors who also have guns and ammo and who are willing to defend us likewise).

You will note, I am not calling for anyone to do anything illegal. I am not telling you to harass or in any way discriminate against law abiding Muslims. I am not calling upon anyone to go out with the intention of killing anyone or even harming anyone. I am saying we should make ourselves ready to legally and ethically defend ourselves against those who would heed Al Qaeda's call to harm us or kill us. If you do buy firearms and ammunition do it legally. If you decide to carry firearms make sure you are doing so legally. Also make sure you know how to operate any firearms you own or otherwise possess and know how to handle them safely at all times. Take courses in safe firearms handling and self defense use of firearms if at all possible. In addition, know the law(s) about self defense in any area where you possess a firearm or other weapon. Then take on the mindset that you are willing to defend yourself and your loved ones and maybe even other innocents from those, whoever they are, who would seek to seriously harm or kill them.

Why am I stressing this so much? Because if it happens that enough Islamic extremists, in the USA, heed Al Qaeda's call to kill Americans with firearms, on a large scale or even a fair sized scale, law enforcement will likely be overwhelmed or just not there at the moment when your lives are at risk. In that case you may be the only one prepared to act in your own defense or in the defense of loved ones, neighbors or other innocents. Think this is not a possibility? Then just look to Israel for an example, or look to Pakistan, or to Afghanistan, or to India, or to Denmark, or to France. Still think it will never happen here? You are absolutely wrong because it already has happened here, just do some research on Ari Halberstam.

All the best,
Glenn B