Friday, May 20, 2011

The End of The World Upon Us - I Have Stocked Up On Some Extra Supplies

Only about 21 hours and 38 minutes to go before the predicted onset of Judgement Day. While Judgement Day is not slated to be the end of the world or mankind, it may prove to be a rough time even though October 21, 2011 is slated as the day the world ends. With all this in mind, I went to Costco this evening and stocked up on some supplies. I figure we now have enough emergency supplies in the larder to last us 3 to 4 weeks, not including whatever foodstuffs we have on hand normally.

So what did I get. I picked up a variety of food items as can be seen in the accompanying picture. Shame on me for only buying one case of fruit cups, thought I had two. Everything else is there in sufficient quantity to help us make it through a week or two. Add that to what we already had on hand for emergencies and we are good to go about 4 weeks. About the only thing we may not have enough of is water in bottles. I do have several jugs of water, probably another 10 gallons, plus another case of bottles, plus a case of Iced Tea. We also have a water filter that we could use to clean up any water we might need to collect. Besides foodstuffs and water, I have first aide supplies, gas masks and filters, flashlights, batteries, blankets, candles, emergency tools, guns,ammo, precious metal bullion coins, and other things at the ready.

Why am I doing this? It is not because of predictions of cataclysmic doom caused by a Divine power. To understand my reasons all you have to do is take a look around the world at recent disasters that have taken place. Look at what there is a chance could happen, maybe is even likely to happen, to us. Terrorists have already attacked us and want to do it again on a larger scale. Mother nature has been slamming us as of late; storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes all seem to be on the rise in number and in power. We are faced with what some say is global warming, others say is climate change, and I think is just a way for politicians to milk us dry. We also currently face economic huge hardships and possibly will face economic collapse in the not to distant future. Besides all that, we have enemies around the world that are continually building up nuclear arsenals. Look at North Korea, Iran, Red China (I guess nowadays just called China), and the former states of the USSR. They are almost all nuclear capable and if not then are on the verge of being so. Then look at the mid-east and all the revolutions going on there. The governments that will take over are unknown factors except form one thing; they are all Muslim dominated and that could be a problem, for the U.S.A and our ally Israel, that could lead to war. Heck we are already involved in three wars as it is, we do not need another. Then, as of today, or was it yesterday, our president basically told one of our staunchest allies in the world to go screw themselves. Yes, I am referring to the president saying that Israel should go back to pre-1967 boundaries and the Muslim nations saying even that is not enough. We are, in essence, living during the potential eve of destruction without any help from a pissed off God coming to judge us for the final time. So, all that less than supernatural jazz is enough to make me want to take precautions. It always has been enough, ever since I was a young kid during the height of the Cold War. So, I don't need the threat of the wrath of God, demons, zombies or aliens from another world to make me realize that I should be prepared to take care of the ones I love. I was brought up to make such preparations because there I was taught there is always a chance that if you are prepared you possibly can survive the worst kind of disaster.

Now, before you think I may be going overboard, let me tell you this: All the things I bought this evening only cost me about $115.00. Add about the same to that for a total that is close to double that amount and that is the food I have on hand for emergencies - figure about $230 worth. All of the other emergency supplies I have ready probably cost no more than the total of all the food I have. So, maybe I have spent about $460 on emergency supplies. Now think about what just happened in Japan after the Tsunami. Imagine you were stuck in your home after a similar disaster - maybe due to a volcanic eruption, earthquake, floods, storms, or whatever. Or imagine another Great Depression. That is not, or should not be, too far fetched with our present economy! Would you be ready to survive a few weeks in your home before help arrived or would it be that you were to cheap to make some basic preparations for hard times and thus will caught in a bind if it happens here. As for my family, we would be prepared for at least a few weeks of bad times. As time goes on, and as I add more supplies, especially those that can be stored for the long term, I am figuring we will be able to make it through at least a half a year on what I plan to have in stock. Yep, I don't need an angry God, demons unleashed or a zombie apocalypse to get me thinking of how to make it should things go really bad. All I have to do is look around the world and there is more than enough incentive out there to get me doing it without having to worry about doom sayers with their predictions of TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it ).

All the best,
Glenn B

Some Music For The End Of Days

With only about 38 hours and 44 minutes to go before what some are claiming will be the beginning of the end, Judgement Day, I figured I would pick out a selection of music by which to end it all. They all sort of fit in with the theme in one way or another. This post will take a little extra time to load even though I cut a lot of songs out of the original posting. (What irony - taking extra time to load when we may have run out of time!) It now has 24 songs - one for each hour of the Judgement Day.


Hopefully we will all still be listening to it come Sunday morning.

All the best,
Glenn B