Saturday, October 27, 2007

It was a long rainy day...

...and the skies that were supposed to have cleared up by about 2 this afternoon were still pouring down on me, and everyone else up this way till well after 4. So if you were wondering what I have been doing at my computer writing this for you to read, instead of me being upstate to scout for deer, well that is most of the reason why I am still home. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I mind getting wet or anything like that when I am out scouting or hunting deer. As a matter of fact I like to scout on rainy days, and on days that are overcast and damp. The thing is though, I had chores to do, and they too about 2 hours longer than expected. Then I had to head into the west side of Brooklyn to pick something up (yes another snake that someone was adopting out, and I had promised to pick up), then I made a stop in my old neighborhood (I guess I had already sort of decided to delay the scouting trip by then), then I got back home and it was later than I had thought. Later mostly because of weather-wise traffic delays that I had hit along the way, but I will admit my hour stopover in the old neighborhood added to the delay; but as I said by then I was pretty sure the scouting trip was off for today. So I decided that it might be better to wait until tomorrow if I am up early enough, and feeling feisty enough, to make a 3 1/2 to 4 hour trip there, and then scout, and then make the same trip back, all in one day. If I don't go tomorrow, I am making plans to go next weekend regardless of the weather conditions (within reason), and then I'll go on Friday evening so I get all day Saturday out in the woods.

I did find something out today though that perked me up while I stopped in the old neighborhood. I spoke to another guy I know who hunts, and he reminded me it is archery season already. I may drag out my bow for some practice this weekend (whether or not I get upstate), and then try for some venison next weekend. Chances are though, I'll just wait for the firearm's season since I have not had enough practice with the bow in all to long. of course, if I shoot it like Robin hood tomorrow, who knows.

Oh well, there is always tomorrow or next week; but certainly not much time after that.

All the best,
Glenn B