Friday, February 19, 2021

Officer Fires 12 Shots At Attacker...

...before dropping him and my guess is all of them hit. A friend of mine just sent me the link to an article and video of a police officer (or deputy) in Maryland shooting an apparently crazed guy who attacked him with a stick breaking it over the cops arm, all while the guy seemingly, to some, had a smile on his face. The officer allegedly tried his TAZER to no avail, then fired at the guy as he, the officer, backed away with the bad guy repeatedly trying to hit him with what remained of the stick. Reportedly the bad guy had also rammed a couple of vehicles before the officer arrived. 

The video is graphic and the commentary from the guy who made the video is filled with some cursing but I recommend you turn your sound on anyway. It shows, no matter how supportive is the public, many will not help an officer in such a situation. The guy making the video also states what is the bottom line in this case and says it more than once.

Good shoot as far as I can see - every shot he fired should be included under the header GOOD SHOOT when Internal Affairs investigates! 

Note, the guy was not grinning, as he appeared to some to be doing, anymore when he hit the ground and was writhing around. One has to wonder what were his thoughts at that moment, maybe something like: 'Why did I do that, I want a do over'. 

I do not know if this officer's department had been at all defunded but if so all I can say is thank goodness the police were not defunded to the point of not being able to supply ammo to their officers.

Good job officer - now get yourself into counseling. Then consider retiring. You look old enough to be a granddad - if so go enjoy your grand kids and or go fishing or something; it may be time to call it quits in this day and age of anti-cop hatred. Retirement is grand, take it from me.

More info at this link. Says the officer is a Sgt. on the job for 18 years, currently assigned to the Civil Section. He certainly did not act like a desk jockey - I must say he did it right in my professional and personal estimation. He may need another couple years before retirement and that would be a shame since he's earned it already - every penny of it.

All the best,
Glenn B