Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Some Good News... least for me; my tumor was not cancerous. Actually it was a lump of dead fat, probably from some sort of trauma, but heck I cannot remember anything that whacked me in that spot. Oh well; I live on, but just a bit miserably right now. I have to get a chest x-ray today because my MD now believes I may have pneumonia instead of bronchitis. Oh joy.

The first and the last time I had pneumonia was in the 1980s, and after I recovered I was told what a miracle it was that I had survived because the docs had basically given me up for dead. I guess about 3 days of 103 to 104 temps, followed by about 2 days of 105 - 106 plus temps while at home, then by 3 more similar days of super high temps in the hospital, had them figure I was fried for good. I don't give up that easy though. As is with this time, my initial diagnosis then was not pneumonia, they told me back then it was just a passing virus. Man were they wrong, it was some form of bacterial pneumonia. Hopefully it is not pneumonia now, I certainly don't want a repeat performance, except maybe with my regard to being a survivor. I am scheduled for x-rays later today.

So, sorry but no great deal of blogging coming from me probably at least for a few days.

All the best,
Glenn B