Sunday, August 1, 2010

Speaking of Fems Fatale and Zombies and Guns and Kick Arse Movies...

...have you heard that Resident Evil: Afterlife, starring Milla Jovovich (loved her ever since The Fifth Element, which is on Sci-Fi right now and yes I am watching it) is to be released September 10, 2010. All of the other Resident Evil movies have been great, and I did not think they would be making another, so I am pretty happy about it. I am eagerly awaiting its release even though this one will be in 3D and I am not a big 3-D fan but then again, I have not seen a 3-D movie in several years and I hear they have improved a lot. This translates to I almost cannot wait to see this one.

All the best,

Zombieland... a place where I hope never to find myself and if I do I just hope I am heavily armed and in shape because apparently zombies can overtake you quickly (both the alcoholic beverage type and the creepy type but I am talking creepy type here and remind you do not mix alcoholic beverage type zombies with firearms - not ever). Started out, way back when in some Bob Hope movie I saw, that zombies were slow moving and tenacious with an appetite for human flesh, living human flesh. Well not all has changed but one important thing has, they are now seen as some sort of speed demons. Take for example the zombies in the 2009 movie Zombieland starring Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenburg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin.

Of course, this movie is a sort of sci-fi comedy but man can those zombies move fast. I don't remember in what movie that speed stuff started for the zombie crowd but it has been showing up in most of the zombie movies of recent years (as in at least 10 or 15 years) as far as those I have seen. If it ever comes to be that zombies, or something like them, become an actuality there is some good advice for you to follow in this movie as seen in the rules that Columbus has for his survival. His rules about limbering up before taking action, use of seat belts, using the restroom, getting and staying in good cardio shape all are bound to make this movie a goofball cult-classic. The prodigious use of firearms (click for the list used in the movie) will not unsettle true zombie-cult movie lovers, nor will Columbus' rule about using them, the rule called - The Double Tap. In fact it might make happy firearms buffs and zombie buffs alike (and aren't they often one and the same).

As for Tallahassee, the character portrayed by Woody H., all I can say is he is a man after my own heart with his affinity for Twinkies and firearms. neither one of the guys, it should be pointed out, seem to have done all that good with the ladies throughout their live and thus the reason that the two fems fatale in this flick are able to get over on the guys as easily and as often as they do. Of course it was nice to see, for an old timer like me, that it turns out that the hero is a.... Watch the movie to find out.

If you have not seen it, I recommend watching it if you are a zombie movie fan. Don't expect academy award winning acting in this one but do expect to see a fair to decent zombie flick, in which the zombies sure could have been better although the belch is great, with lots of guns and a good chance for you to get a couple of laughs along the way.

All the best,
Glenn B

That's Why They Call It Fishing - Not Catching

Sometimes you go fishing and you just don't catch a thing; it happens to the best of us. And that is the way it was on Saturday night for me and everyone else aboard the Captain Al out of Point lookout, NY. I did not catch a thing, I had only one sure bite and never even came close to hooking whatever stole my bait that time. What a sad excuse for a fishing trip but as the guy, from Wisconsin said, "that's why they call it fishing and not catching". Can you imagine how disappointed he must have been, in NY for the first time, gets to go out fishing and to be on the ocean for the first time in his life, and to not catch a thing. he had the right attitude because when the guy from Brooklyn said I was a nice boat ride anyway, we three all agreed. The seas were so calm as to make one almost believe we were on a lake, a calm lake at that. Early on we were treated to a gorgeous sunset. later on we got to watch fireworks in the distance near the shore. We also got to see some squid and some small elongated fish which at first I thought were eels but the guy from Brooklyn told me they were not eels though he could not think of their names. Could have been a small, maybe 10-12 inch, gar like fish.

This guy told me this, that guy told me that, man oh man I wish I was better at remembering names I have forgotten already and only last heard their names about 45 minutes ago! Oh well. There were also two long time US resident aboard who were originally from Russia, I had a nice time talking to the young lady of the pair, who was standing off my right shoulder. We also had a guy who brought along a boom box type of radio and we got to listen to the Yankee game, I only half listened every now and then, I am not much of a fan of athletic sports. All in all everyone of the other fares I spoke to was very nice and that is not always the case on a party fishing boat.

The crew was okay too although, the mates were pretty good and friendly. I was pretty disappointed though that the captain who took us out tonight (the younger of the two I have met for this boat) did not stay out longer as used to almost always be the case, on this boat, if the fishing was poor. Kind of makes me think another old time good thing has gone down the toilet. An extra half hour or hour would have been a nice and welcome touch. Even if it did not accomplish putting any fish on the deck, it would have made the customers happier knowing that they crew had given it their all to try to bring some type of fish up from the deep. I guess it was just not happening on this trip. Oh well, next time - hopefully.

All the best,
Glenn B