Saturday, April 8, 2017

So What's Been Happening?

I ask because I am almost clueless as to the events of the past week. It's not like I was involved in any monkey business, it's that I've been working all week and commuting via train. There are no radios or TVs at work and I have had very little access to the Internet while working. By the time I get on the train on the way home, I am pooped. Once at home I am just about ready to hit the hay since I have to be up at 515 the next morning for work so I have not been watching much TV, news even at home. 

I do know we bombed an airbase, over in Syria, relative to some chemical weapons attack or something like that. I also just heard we staged a second attack that supposedly killed some civilians - also in Syria. Seems like a big turnaround for Trump but I imagine that the use of chemical weapons by Russian backed Assad is a big thing that needs to be hit head-on instead of drawing imaginary red lines in the sand and then not enforcing them. I hope Trump is doing the right thing for all our sakes. He sure has already proven himself more a man of action than Obama ever was in his entire presidency.

Besides the passing of Don Rickles (RIP), that is about it for what I have heard in the news all week. So, I may take some time to read up on this past week's events later tonight or tomorrow. Then again, there was one other thing of note I read about in the news. It was about a young girl who reportedly was found living with monkeys in India. She allegedly had been living with the monkeys for years and had gone feral. The monkeys supposedly had accepted her so well that they were reported to have tried to chase off authorities who came to her rescue. That sounded like monkey business to me and apparently it sounded likewise to Indian officials because now they are questioning the veracity of those reports. More here.

As for blogging or my lack of it - I may actually get in some blogging over the remaining time in this weekend but then again maybe not. In fact, I imagine my blog will be really light on content for the next week or two because I am scheduled to work through the 21st of this month (as I type). Time will tell though if that holds. If it does though, that will be good for me because I am planning a road trip for the end of April or beginning of May and that can give me the cash I will need for my trek's expenses. 

As for the planned road trip, I am hoping to get down to West Palm Beach to visit my uncle and cousins. After a few days there, I plan to head north by northwest to visit my son in AR for at least a week or maybe even ten days of adventure. If I do everything just right, and if I can start the trip a day earlier than planned, I may head out in the same direction (that being north by northwest - instead of south to WPB). That would be toward Geneva, NY to stop by the Hessney firearms auction on April 29th - before I head south. I am debating that detour though because if I get badly bitten by the bidding bug I could deplete all funds I have for the rest of the trip. Decisions - decisions - decisions!

I have a goodly amount of time to think about it and who knows, I may plan one thing, hop in my car and start driving wherever my nose is pointing. So long as I eventually hit both WPB and Benton, AR, for a while before the journey's end, it should be a good thing.

All the best,
Glenn B