Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Call For Assistance For A Heroic Woman

Anyone who is armed for self defense please be sure to read this story about Kystie Jaehnen. She is a brave woman who stepped up and defended the life of a law enforcement officer by shooting and killing his assailant as the assailant struggled with the officer and was evidently trying to get the officer's sidearm. 
After reading the story to which I linked above, I would hope you would go to the GoFundMe page (where there are more links to articles about her story) that has been set up for her by a member of the Fraternal Order of Police and that you would find it in your generosity to make a donation of at least a small amount to help Kystie.
I donated to the fund for Kystie even though I do not know her personally. I have never met her and probably never will meet her; yet, I know her just as I know myself and each of you. She is each and every one of us who carries a firearm and who is ready to legally use it for self defense, the defense of loved ones or the defense of other innocent third parties. She did what needed to be done just as would any of us.
Now, the sharks smell blood in the water and are trying to get every drop they can from her. She needs our help because apparently the municipality, county and state where this happened are not providing her legal defense in the lawsuit nor are they paying for an attorney to represent her. Shame on them after she ended the threat and essentially saved the life of one of their officers. I am hopeful you will donate something to her fund to help her in her fight against this abominable lawsuit just as I would hope we would all donate to any other of us in the same situation.
All the best,
Glenn B